This groom was held up at gunpoint and forced to marry

In the event that you accept what you’re told in the media, India is a far simpler spot to live for men than ladies. We consistently hear reports of male hostility and female abuse, of aggressive behavior at home and rape, however there are additionally a lot of models where the casualty is male.

This was clarified when a video of a youngster’s frightening snatching came to public consideration this month. The horrendous occurrence saw a youthful specialist, Vinod Kumar, got and hauled by his feet by a horde of individuals, asking for his delivery and shouting out for help the entire time. All in all, where were they taking him? Kumar was apparently being hijacked and persuasively taken to wed an outsider without wanting to. As per him, he was held up at gunpoint and pressured into partaking in the pre-marriage ceremony.

Kumar, from Khusrupur in the north-eastern Bihar State, was obviously in Patna to go to an alternate wedding as a visitor, yet guarantees he was drawn nearer by the lady’s family members during the occasion and afterward removed: “Subsequent to arriving at Patna, I got a few calls from my companion communicating his desire to meet,” he told the Times of India. “I, alongside my companion Prabhakar Kumar, chose to meet him in Mokama before leaving for Islampur to go to the marriage of our companion at night on December 3. They got to know me during the wedding and requested that I venture out.”

The 26-year-old proceeded: “They seized me and took me to a home where I had to place vermilion in the hair of a young lady. I had never observed her and I don’t have the foggiest idea what her identity is. One of his relatives guided a gun at me and requested me toward wed the young lady.”

During the video of the function, broadcasted on a few Indian news programs, Kumar is heard crying boisterously while female wedding visitors standing near him utilize their saris to wipe away his tears. As per Gulf News, one relative lets him know: “We are just playing out your wedding, not hanging you. For what reason would you say you are crying uproariously? Quiet down!”

In spite of the charges made by Kumar, the young lady’s family had another story to tell. As per the lady’s sibling, the lucky man knew his lady for quite a while and the family keep up that he had consented to wed her. He included that Kumar was so restricted to the function in the video since he had been requested not to wed the little youngster at the command of his sibling.

Anyway, what precisely was going on here, and how regularly does such a circumstance happen? What is depicted above is a training called Pakadua Vivah, or man of the hour abducting, a wrongdoing that is typically done all together for the lady’s family to stay away from hefty share costs. Lamentably, because of customary respect for the sacredness of marriage in India, numerous husbands to be have been not able to separate from their ladies subsequently.

Shockingly, Pakadua Vivah is in reality more normal than you may might suspect, commonly occurring in western pieces of Bihar. As indicated by an official report, an aggregate of 2,877 episodes of grabbing for relationships were accounted for in 2016, which means just about 3,000 individuals were snatched and persuasively wedded. Likewise, there were 3,001 occurrences in 2015, 2,533 out of 2014 and 2,922 of every 2013.

The training originally returned to light during the 1980s, an aftermath from the custom of the lady of the hour’s family paying the lucky man’s family a charge for taking their little girl. As the cash expected for an endowment took off to cosmic statures, less rich families apparently started focusing on youngsters who had cleared their IAS tests, had a clinical or science certificate or had made sure about a profession in the administration.

Typically, constrained relationships like these regularly have deplorable results. In December 2017, it was accounted for that a 15-year-old understudy from Bihar’s Gaya region balanced himself from a pinnacle subsequent to being compelled to wed his bereft sister-in-law, Ruby Devi. As per Mahadev Das’ dad, Chandreshwar Das, his child was not ready to wed Devi – who was 10 years his senior and used to deal with him like one of her own youngsters.

Throughout the long term, sorted out hoodlums clearly turned out to be essential for the work on, doing kidnappings for a charge and ensuring post-marriage “consistence” by the husband to be for additional cash. Thus, it has been accounted for by Bihar papers that numerous lone rangers are “alarmed” and feel incapable to report the criminal behavior. Be that as it may, Vinod Kumar wouldn’t stay silent. As indicated by his story, he was held hostage by the lady’s folks short-term before figuring out how to get a message to his sibling who called the police.

Thereafter, the 26-year-old purportedly put in a composed objection and police requested an examination concerning the episode. “We have protected him from that point and carried him to the police headquarters and gave him over to his family. We have requested that an authority explore and act against the liable. Move will be made after the test,” Patna’s senior administrator of police Manu Maharaj said.

Kumar has purportedly expressed that he has mentioned the court to start criminal procedures against the offenders and request severe activities so such “insidious and terrible practice” doesn’t reoccur. His activities are the ones of a man who is determined to keep others from encountering something very similar. Regardless of whether he’ll succeed is not yet clear.

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