This Convicted Child Molester Didn’t Last Six Weeks In Prison Before Street Justice Is Served

When a 22-year-old pedophile was found guilty of his crimes and sentenced to prison, the child molester did not survive long in the big house. Just weeks into his sentence, the molester, who abused a five-year-old boy, was found dead in his prison cell. Daniel Davey was convicted on six counts of sexually abusing a boy. And the convicted sex offender was sentenced to 78 months in prison. He started his sentence on December 1.

Davey, who worked at McDonald’s, did not survive long with the other prisoners. On January 12, Davey was found dead in his prison cell at HMP Bullington in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom.

Davey’s crimes were atrocious. He sexually abused a boy, who was five and six during the 18-months of horror. He molested the boy six different times in 2015 and 2016.

Since the convicted criminal was found dead in his cell, the Ministry of Justice stepped forward to report that the death would go through an investigation by the Prison Service Ombudsman.

Last week, an inquest was made into his death. And this was adjourned to a future date that has yet to be determined.

Davey was found in HMP Bullingdon. This resettlement prison houses 1,109 adult and young adult prisoners, the Daily Mail reports.

Davey had abused his child victim while he lived and worked in Chippenham. And when the boy told his mother that he had done “something dirty,” she learned that he had been a victim of the horrible crime. And the jury heard every word of this and did not show leniency on Davey. Apparently, his fellow inmates also did not have sympathy for the man who molested the little boy.

When the victim’s mother learned what Davey had done, she called the police. They found the molester’s DNA in the child’s underwear.

Another witness testified in the case against the molester. This person told the court that they had witnessed an image in Davey’s possession that showed a man sexually abusing a child who was about 13 years old, Daily Mail reports. This witness confronted Davey about the lewd image, and the molester said it was sent to him as a joke. The police were unable to obtain this image from him because he disposed of it and his computer before he was charged and arrested.

While in court, Davey denied everything. But the jury saw through his lies. And he was found guilty and sentenced to prison.

Other allegations had been levied against the molester. But he was acquitted of this third charge that claimed he had touched a boy’s bum.

Besides his prison sentence, Davey registered as a sex offender and would need to serve a lifetime Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

The convict also had a restraining order put in place to protect the victim further.

Right now his death is being investigated. But it is likely that one of his inmates decided to administer prison justice when they learned that Davey had sexually molested a tiny boy.

What do you think happened behind those prison walls?

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