This Chinese Restaurant Just Got Busted Serving Human Feet To Customers

A Chinese eatery in Italy has been blamed for serving human feet to its clients. I surmise you could state that it’s out of line (pardon the quip).

The claims come after a server posted a dingy photograph via online media, implying to show decaying human feet. This was all after a cafe from Slovenia went to the café mentioning bear paws… what he got was a stunning astonishment.

The real image of the feet is very NSFL, so be cautioned. In the event that you truly need to see it, see underneath:

Subsequent to getting a tip off from the online network, police and food monitors have since looked through the premises and have found 55 pounds of meat and fish of “sketchy” cause. Soil and oil was additionally discovered everywhere on the structure.

What’s unimaginable is that reports are hazy on whether the eatery stays open. I mean please – clearly they were closed down the second that image flowed on the web. Seeing somebody’s decaying toes doesn’t actually shout “haute cooking.” Although perhaps this delicacy truly tastes that great, wherein case, make mine a foot long.

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