These Dudes Embalmed Their Dead Mate And Played Poker With Him

Poker-cherishing Henry Rosario Martinez, 31, passed on recently in the wake of overdosing on liquor and remedy pills in his old neighborhood of Barceloneta, Puerto Rico.

Before Henry was covered, his father and his mates had the funeral directors treat him, dress him in shades and easygoing garments and prop him up at a poker table for one final game doing what he adored the most.

These Dudes Embalmed Their Dead Mate And Played Poker With Him – Sick  Chirpse

A full place of companions assembled around Henry’s body and played a last round of poker with him, sharing their recollections and taking pictures en route.

Have you ever observed a dead body? Bad dream city. The first occasion when I saw one at the burial service home I figured it wouldn’t be quite a serious deal, however it was in reality pretty freaky. Couldn’t fold my head over the reality I was taking a gander at a dead individual with make-up on. For reasons unknown however, these Puerto Rican fellows love spending time with dead bodies. Just nonchalantly prop them up at the table and have themselves a poker game simply like bygone eras.

Dead Man Embalmed And Propped Up To Play One Last Poker Game With Friends |  BuzzNick
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