The President Of Turkmenistan Is Such A Bastard That Vladimir Putin Had To Intervene

This clasp is becoming a web sensation right now and I figure it might simply prompt a few nations reexamining their international strategy after Vladimir Putin steps in to save a doggy from the beast that is the President of Turkmenistan.

Interestingly, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov had recently skilled this doggy to Putin, however for reasons unknown he at that point gets this strange inclination… to get it by the mess of the neck:

I realize individuals state that that is the manner in which moms convey their little dogs as it’s totally typical, yet I’m certain if canines could bear upping and had arms and legs and opposable thumbs it is highly unlikely they would lift their puppies by the mess of the neck.

Indeed, even Putin resembles ‘WTF?’ Just glance at his face:

Putin releases this on for a couple of moments prior to interceding and giving the little guy an ameliorating boop kiss on the head:

I mean you would believe it’s almost difficult to make Vladimir Putin seem as though an ordinary, merciful individual who thinks about the abuse and enduring of creatures but then the President of Turkmenistan accomplished that without acknowledging it.

Truth be told I just found it and it turns out Putin is the person who presented laws in Russia forbidding the hurting of strays and administering they should be caught and treated well.

It looks like creatures all in all adoration him.

Of course Hitler likewise cherished canines – so perhaps not the most dependable trial of a decent individual. In any case, on this proof loads in a way that is better than the President of Turkmenistan at any rate.

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