The L oser Of The Jake Paul Tyron Woodley F ight Will Have The Winner’s Name Tattooed On Them

I haven’t genuinely heard much about the Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley enclosing match the most recent few weeks notwithstanding the way that it’s occurring this Sunday, yet this new specification that has been added for this present week makes it considerably even more a joke and ups the ante significantly higher.

Obviously incidentally in the junk talk between the two at a question and answer session, it was concurred that the failure of the battle would get ‘I love’ trailed by the name of the victor inked on them. These folks appear to really hate one another so would you be able to envision how irritating it is must be marked with that on your skin realizing that that other prick had taken you out? A lot is on the line, yet perfectionists out there will contend that Paul is transforming enclosing to WWE wrestling – a fool fundamentally.

In any case, Jake Paul was addressing True Geordie and affirmed that the tattooist was at that point booked and would go directly to Woodley’s storage space after the battle to ink him up:

I have a tattoo craftsman, one of the greatest tattoo specialists on the planet, Tattoo Baby, is going to the battle.

She has her gear, so after the battle I’m sending her to his changing area to make it happen, I swear.

That is some extreme talk right? Woodley has said that he’ll allow Paul to make a gift to his cause on the off chance that he would not like to get the tattoo, yet I figure the two men ought to presumably finish the bet thinking about how inept it is and the amount they’ll both disdain it. Let’s go.

Ideally I get up Monday morning to see Paul getting it inked on his skin and being memed into blankness subsequent to being taken out in the first round, yet considering how his boxing vocation has been working out, anything could occur. Stay tuned.

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