Thai Millionaire Wants To Pay You £240,000 To Marry His Daughter

It’s an irritating headspace to be in when you’re searching for both cash and a sweetheart.

I’m seriously ailing in both and keeping in mind that composition for the Hook offers both boundless clout and enough discretionary income to purchase a little island, I some way or another copy through both.

What I need is to be paid to have a missus and keeping in mind that I have considered being a high-class playboy – being taken out for suppers by ladies in their medieval times whose spouses are having it off with their secretaries – this appears to be much simpler.

Arnon Rodthong, 58, is a tycoon in Thailand who possesses a flourishing durian organic product ranch in the Chumphon region.

The entirety of this abundance isn’t sufficient to sooth his throbbing heart however, as what he needs more than anything is somebody to wed his little girl, just as a beneficiary to his fruity seat.

With that, he’s contribution one fortunate man the singular amount of 10 million Thai Baht (£240,000/$300,000) to wed his 26-year-old little girl, Karnsita, inasmuch as he likewise helps maintain the privately-run company and inevitably assume control over it.

Strangely, incidentally, Arnon has a few children yet in spite of this, he truly needs to give all that he has to Karnsita’s future spouse.

He stated:

“I need somebody to deal with my business and make it last. I don’t need an individual with a bachelor’s, or ace’s or scholar’s degree.

I need a determined man. I simply need somebody with a persevering disposition. There’s nothing more to it.”

When I have an in-law, I will surrender every one of my resources for him.”


With respect to Karnsita herself, she talks both familiar English and Chinese and tune in, I know everybody’s excellent and we ought to advance body-inspiration in all structures, yet we’re all reasoning it so I’ll state it – she’s not even marginally terrible.

She’s dispassionately attractive, so it’s a marvel her father has assumed control over thing so much.

Karnsita said that she would expect a portion of the cash her future spouse was given to pay for ‘plastic medical procedure in Korea’. She additionally added that she wasn’t at all frantic at her father for doing this, and was pretty much going to appreciate the ride…

“I originally got some answers concerning my dad’s post when my companion’s indicated me. I was astounded however I can see the clever side to it, as well.

The facts demonstrate that I am as yet single. In the event that I need to get hitched with somebody, I just need him to be a tenacious and great individual who adores his family.”

You can’t state more pleasant than that.

Best of luck to her.

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