Thai Man Horrified After Pulling A Giant Moving Tapeworm Out Of His Bottom

A man has shared appalling photos of a monster 9.75m tapeworm that he pulled out of his posterior while utilizing the latrine.

Kritsada Ratprachoom, 44, from Udon Thani in north eastern Thailand, was staggered when he felt something standing out of his base and wriggling when he was utilizing the washroom.

From the start the independent picture taker thought it was a bit of string extra from the medical procedure he’d needed to have his reference section eliminated seven days sooner.

In any case, he before long acknowledged it was an unexpected outcome – and the tacky and stretchy article was truth be told a live tapeworm.

He told Khaosod:

I had quite recently polished dropping my youngster off at school and got a few things done when I needed to go for a number two. Thereafter, I sensed that I wasn’t done crapping, similar to something was left. So I got up to perceive what it was. Turns out there was something standing out of my base.

Subsequent to hauling it out of his behind, the bewildered man put the worm down on the latrine storage and it started crawling around. Confounded with what to do, Kritsada continued to flush the worm down the latrine.

He is confused regarding how the worm might have within him in any case.

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