Terrifying Video Shows Two Young Kids Chasing Down Their Brother’s Kidnapper

Children in America seem to face more danger every day. In our modern times, depraved people are armed with tools like the internet, which can give them unprecedented access to our kids. But there are also creeps out there who skirt the newfangled technology to nab kids any way they can get them. These would-be kidnappers wait for a moment of weakness when a vulnerable child is alone or out of view of an adult – and then they swoop in like wraiths and steal that child away from his or her family.

This boy was one such victim – until his siblings came to his rescue.

At the time of this incident, Owen Wright was just 22-months-old. He was playing in a park along with his older siblings, eight-year-old Delicia Wright and ten-year-old Brenden Wright. The three siblings were spending time at their babysitter’s home and had taken an excursion out to a nearby park in Sprague, Washington.

Everything was dandy until a strange man approached the children and started chatting them up. Brenden and Delicia knew not to talk to strangers. They left and went about their business. But Owen was too young to know the dangers this man posed. He kept talking to the man, getting drawn into his words like a victim into a spider’s web.

The older children tried to get the man to leave them alone. But he wouldn’t. He kept talking to them and getting closer and closer.

That’s when the older kids yelled at Owen to get in his stroller. The toddler, realizing the fear in the other children’s voices, made a move toward the safety of his stroller. But that’s when the kidnapper struck!

The man swooped little Owen up into his arms. He took him from his stroller and then started walking away. The boy was terrified.

Delicia and Brenden were determined to save their little brother. They chased after the kidnapper to confront him. Because they were good runners and quick, they caught up to the man and kept pace with him.

Then the man really started to run – and the children were lost in his dust.

Delicia started to scream for help! She screamed until other people began to notice.

Two teenagers, Andrew and Isaac, heard the girl’s screams and came over. These boys quickly picked up the scenario and chased the kidnapper.

The man realized that the teens were catching up to him. They were strong and filled with virile energy – unlike him. Defeated, he dropped Owen to the pavement and fled the scene.

Thankfully, Owen was safe. But the family wanted to catch the kidnapper. Delicia described the “man” who stole her baby brother. Before long, it was apparent that the kidnapper was not a man at all but a fifteen-year-old boy who attended the same school as the children.

The kidnapper was easily found and arrested. He is now locked away in juvenile detention.

If Owen had not been with his children, he would have become another kidnapping statistic. What do you think about the bravery of his siblings?

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