Tennessee TikToker drives 14 hours to donate food, supplies to Texans recovering from winter storm

A Tennessee man utilized his TikTok following to bring more than $7,000 up in guide for Texans recuperating from a week ago’s staggering winter tempest and afterward drove 14 hours to convey the gifts face to face.

“I began seeing a great deal of individuals down here in the Killeen region that were doing without and what they were going through, so I contacted my supporters on TikTok,” Chris Wieland told KXXV, conceding he expected to two or three hundred dollars that he proposed to coordinate.

Inside six hours, in any case, Wieland’s 98,000 supporters had offered more than $4,000, and the figure kept on climbing.

Thus, Wieland made the 14-hour journey from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to convey food and water to the Killeen Special Events Center and, with the assistance Killeen local and Lampasas County occupant Luis Gonzales, help disseminate eggs, water and other food to inhabitants out of luck, the Killeen Daily Herald detailed.

Wieland told the paper that he additionally had Walmart gift vouchers to appropriate and, as the proprietor of a finishing and home upkeep business, that he brought PVC pipe for inhabitants who need plumbing fixes after a week ago’s single-digit temperatures.

“Everything I did was drive this stuff. It’s every one individuals on TikTok that made this occur,” Wieland told KXXV.

He noted, in any case, that Killeen was not chosen aimlessly to get the given supplies but instead as a result of an old companion who once called the city home.

“He served in the military around here, and he ended his life a couple of years prior. I’ve always been unable to give him anything back or (to) his local area or his family,” Wieland told KXXV, adding, “It causes me to feel better, and yet, it’s at long last providing me a smidgen of a sense of finality.”

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