Teen sex worker from Channel 5 show Adults Only sees up to 21 clients a day

A teenager sex laborer from the Channel 5 narrative show Adults Only has asserted that she sees up to 21 customers every day, acquiring £1,500 per night.

The new arrangement investigates the sex business and the working states of individuals included.

Ellie, a 19-year-old from Nottingham, highlights on the show and uncovered that she acquires a six-figure pay, having entered the business at the time of only 16.

Ellie talked about her day by day schedule, saying: ‘Clearly my first customer has me new, with my make-up and my hair done, yet once my first customer’s gone I need to keep it up. I must have a shower [and] have an outfit change.’

It’s uncovered on the show that Ellie charges £70 for a brief meeting, with customers visiting one after another for the duration of the day.

‘Now and again it is in a real sense like five minutes – two to five minutes,’ she said about the time she has in the middle of seeing customers. ‘Here and there I have 30 minutes, everything relies upon what individuals’ reserved in.’

Ellie additionally runs an OnlyFans account with 500 endorsers, which acquires her £4,000 every month.

The adolescent talked about the difficulties she faces with her work. As she inhabits home with her folks, she needs to discover lodgings to work in.

‘I need to search for inns that don’t have keycard framework so you can simply go straight in the lift straight up to the room without a keycard,’ she said.

‘Most inns are on it now and it makes it hard. ‘They are utilizing key card frameworks to keep accompanies working from lodgings.’

Grown-ups Only airs each night this week at 10pm on Channel 5.

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