Teen mocked for looking like Buzz Lightyear after chin surgery unveils new look

A youngster who was ridiculed for her square head in the wake of going through a jaw fat expulsion medical procedure has uncovered her stunning outcomes.


i got my face done💉 probs deleting this soon lol #reactions

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Sofia Marroquin, 19, from Australia was left with extraordinary expanding following her Kybella treatment.

The method includes Deoxycholic corrosive being infused into the jawline zone to disintegrate the fat and give you a more thin lined outline.

Two months since getting treatment and experiencing growing and wounding which totally changed the state of her face, Sofia has uncovered the final product.

Sofia shot her family and companion’s responses to her “new look” in June after she ‘completed her face’ and shared it to TikTok.

While her father perceptibly heaved at seeing her, her sister fell over snickering in stun.

In the wake of posting the video online Sofia got a great deal of reaction from individual clients who were befuddled with regards to why she had the treatment never really like that.

While others contrasted her with Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and Lord Farquaad from Shrek.

Sofia later clarified that it would require some investment to see the consequences of the work she had done and that she would refresh fans when her face had completely recuperated.

She stated: “Loads of individuals have been inquiring as to why I made my face resemble a square shape. I didn’t deliberately make my face resemble a square shape.

“I completed a treatment called Kybella which eliminates fat from the lower part of your face. Individuals will in general get it for your twofold jawline however I got it in my cheeks region.

“Mine was truly greasy concealing my jaw so I simply needed to eliminate that fat – simply a smidgen – just to make it look somewhat better. There’s nothing more to it.”

Following 48 hours her expanding diminished essentially, and kept on decreasing as the weeks went on.

Sofia prodded fans with a multi week update where fans stated: “And that is on confiding all the while.”

Furthermore, after seven days she uncovered her last look.

Contrasting the when pictures Sofia’s facial structure and jaw is significantly more characterized and she’s excited with the end-product.

Since Sofia posted the outcomes, the video has been seen very nearly multiple times and she has gotten many remarks from individuals applauding her change.

One individual stated: “Lol who’s snickering currently” discussing the savages who ridiculed her previously.

Another additional: “Alright you’ve persuaded me.”

Furthermore, a third stated: “YASSS QUEEN.”

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