T aliban Laugh In Reporter’s Face After She Asks Them If A fghans Can Vote For Female P oliticians

A video of CNN writer Clarissa Ward talking with Taliban contenders is becoming a web sensation after she found out if the Taliban system would regard ladies’ privileges in Afghanistan.

She additionally finds out if the Taliban would permit individuals to decide in favor of female legislators in government. They promptly break into attacks of giggling and request that the cameraman quit shooting so they can form themselves:

Welp, I surmise that responds to that inquiry. In spite of the fact that she presumably might have sorted that out from the reaction to her past question – that ladies’ privileges would hold fast to Islamic Sharia Law. I surmise the Taliban didn’t battle a ruthless battle throughout the previous 20 years to embrace more reformist norm and qualities, yet, they’re only so distant from joining most of us in the 21st century that it’s discouraging to ponder. What is it about ladies having opportunity, training and force that alarms the Taliban to such an extent? Don’t they have mums? Sisters?

At any rate, reasonable play to CNN’s Clarissa Ward for being out there right now and posing hazardous inquiries. Very telling that this was her clothing the day preceding the Taliban took over Vs the following day…

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