Swimsuit-clad Amber Heard is caught on surveillance tape cuddling up to Elon Musk

Amber Heard is seen nestling up to Elon Musk in the private lift to Johnny Depp’s penthouse in restrictive new pictures that will drag the Tesla head honcho more profound into the couple’s touchy fight in court.

Musk demands the 33-year-old entertainer had just part from Depp when they started seeing each other and their relationship didn’t get sentimental ‘until some time later’.

Anyway the Pirates of the Caribbean star blames the pair for beginning an undertaking one month into his 2015 marriage and has summoned the extremely rich person for his instant messages as a feature of a $50 million criticism body of evidence against Heard.

Presently, observation camera pictures got by DailyMail.com catch his ex cozying up to Musk as they ride the lift at the extravagance downtown LA high rise where she once lived with Depp.

The Space X innovator, 48, can been found in one picture hanging his arms around Heard, who seems, by all accounts, to be wearing simply a bathing suit and what has all the earmarks of being a towel.

She responds the fondness by twisting around to put her hands on the leg or abdomen of Musk, who is in a dim T-shirt and jeans or pants.

There are no timestamps or pieces of information regarding when the photos were taken anyway safety officers have recently gone on record to express that Musk visited Heard on different events when she sought legal separation in May 2016.

Depp, 55, moved out of the Eastern Columbia Building a month after the split however Heard continued living there until December 2016, DailyMail.com gets it.

The Oscar-designated entertainer claimed five penthouses at the up-scale address, all got to by the private lift found in the pictures, yet later sold them for a consolidated $10.88 million.

He and Heard consented to a $7 million separation settlement in August 2016 and appeared to have put their bitter separation behind them until she wrote a commentary for the Washington Post itemizing her encounters as an aggressive behavior at home survivor.

The article didn’t specify Depp by name yet he petitioned for slander last March, saying it prompted hypothesis that he was the victimizer and made him lose the part of Captain Jack Sparrow.

His legitimate activity further blamed Heard for ‘investing energy in another relationship’ with Musk very quickly after their wedding in February 2015.

‘Just one schedule month after Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard were hitched – while Mr. Depp was out of the nation, shooting in March 2015 – Eastern Columbia Building faculty affirmed that Ms. Heard got Musk ”late around evening time” at Mr. Depp’s penthouse,’ the suit asserts.

‘In particular, Ms. Heard asked staff at the Eastern Columbia Building to give her ”companion Elon” admittance to the structure’s parking structure and the penthouse lift ”late around evening time,” and they affirmed that they did as such.

‘Building staff would then observe Ms. Heard’s ”companion Elon” leaving the structure the following morning.’

Depp multiplied somewhere around summoning Musk for any writings, messages, letters or interchanges he traded with Heard during their marriage or anything referencing claimed episodes of abusive behavior at home.

He explicitly needs to recognize what she informed the tech investor concerning the May 21, 2016 victory battle that brought about Heard looking for a controlling request, blaming Depp for heaving a telephone at her and beating her.

Depp has consistently contended that he was the casualty of an ‘intricate trick’ induced by his ex, who ‘faked’ her wounds with cosmetics.

Around two months after the separation Heard was connected to Musk in newspaper reports recommending they went through an end of the week together in Miami.

The next April she was shot clasping hands with the father of-six, who separated from Westworld entertainer Talulah Riley in January 2015.

Anyway the relationship was here and there until the couple at last gave it up in 2018.

Heard’s attorneys have recently depicted Depp’s claim of disloyalty as ‘unimportant’ and an endeavor to ‘quietness’ the Aquaman entertainer.

Sources near Musk portrayed it as ‘superfluous rubbish’ and declined to remark past repeating an assertion gave by the business visionary’s rep last March.

‘Elon and Amber didn’t begin seeing each other until May 2016, and still, after all that it was inconsistent,’ Musk’s representative said. ‘Their relationship didn’t get sentimental until some time later.’

Musk made a further appearance a week ago in London’s High Court where Depp is likewise suing News Group Newspapers over a 2018 article in The Sun paper that depicted him as ‘undershirt’.

The court was perused an instant message from Depp to a companion that made an evident reference to Musk: ‘Sibling, I’m sorry to try and ask yet she sucked mollusc’s screwy d* and he gave her some shy legal advisors.

‘I have no leniency left of what I thought was love for this gold-burrowing, low level, extremely common soft, inconsequential, flappy fish market.’

Entertainer James Franco is another A-lister made up for lost time in the ex-couple’s lawful battle after he was envisioned riding a similar lift with Heard on May, 22, 2016, the night after her notorious residue up with Depp.

Heard’s legitimate group said Franco once lived in a similar high rise and was essentially taking the lift simultaneously.

Be that as it may, Depp’s legal advisors hit him with a summon last July and need to barbecue him over what the pair talked about and whether she had any noticeable wounds.

Depp and Heard met on the arrangement of The Rum Diary, in 2011, wedded four years after the fact – at that point split in barely a year in the midst of a huge number of blood turning sour aggressive behavior at home charges and newspaper title texts.

Heard wrote in her December 2018 opinion piece: ‘I turned into a well known person speaking to homegrown maltreatment, and I felt the full power of our way of life’s rage for ladies who stand up.’

That incited Depp to petition for maligning in Virginia, where the Washington Post is based, expressing: ‘Ms. Heard isn’t a survivor of homegrown maltreatment; she is a culprit.’

Heard reacted with a 300-page recording of her own, inventoriing the long stretches of supposed maltreatment she endured because of ‘the beast’. The case is expected to be heard in August.

‘Elon Musk and Amber Heard appear not to realize that Mr. Depp’s penthouse lift button that says ‘M’ doesn’t take you to Mars,’ Depp’s legal advisor Adam Waldman said of our selective pictures.

‘Musk – otherwise known as Penthouse Guy – has freely denied sneaking up to see Ms Heard a month after her union with Johnny however that will before long be scrutinized, as will her whole maltreatment scam.

‘As the proof mounts up, who was the place where, and comprehended what, when?’

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