Supercars Officials Ban Only Fans Star Renee Gracie From Returning For The Bathurst 1000

Renee Gracie’s strong plans of getting back to the track have been closed somewhere around Supercars authorities.

The previous expert racer was expecting to make her rebound in the current year’s Bathurst 1000, utilizing her Only Fans income to support her own vehicle and group.

However, it appears to be the game’s administering body isn’t getting it and has marked it as an’exposure stunt’.

“She is simply utilizing the game to sell more recordings,” an authority told the Daily Telegraph. “It isn’t even worth remarking on in light of the fact that it won’t occur.”

Since leaving the game, Gracie has turned into a moment accomplishment in her X -evaluated grown-up diversion vocation.

Credit: Instagram/@therenee_gracie

The 26-year-old cases she made more than $500,000 in her first month while delivering content for the well known membership site.

Last month, she uncovered her excellent designs to get in the driver’s seat by and by, with her sights set solidly on Mount Panorama.

“I’m hoping to purchase my own group. I get offers each subsequent day to proceed to race in another person’s vehicle,” she told the Sunday Telegraph.

“There are loads of chances and alternatives keeping the expectation and the fantasy alive, yet I might want to do it without anyone’s help.”

Gracie trusted her incorporation as a special case section at the Bathurst 1000 would assist with restoring the game.

She disclosed to News Corp: “I think it is totally conceivable that I would be considered for a trump card. I don’t figure anybody in Australia would have the option to produce the interest that I would draw in.

“It would be tremendous. V8s is quite exhausting right now – I haven’t had the option to overcome a whole race this year. I turn it off after several laps since it is monotonous and very little is going on. The game was vastly improved four or five years prior as far as activity.”

Credit: Instagram/@therenee_gracie

Indeed, unmistakably not every person concurred with the thought considering Supercars has apparently banished her from entering once more.

Gracie freely hammered her previous business for its demeanor towards ladies, blaming them for inclining vigorously on entire thought that ‘s 3 x sells’ to advance female drivers.

“For quite a long time I dashed being developed series and Supercars needed to advance that I was a lady hustling,” Gracie revealed to The Daily Telegraph. “I was this ‘s 3 x sells’ figure. They needed to profit from it.

“Presently I’m in the business I am, and I’ve rolled out the improvement, they don’t need anything to do with it.

“It’s amusing, it’s so negating on the grounds that they sold me as a ‘s 3 x sells gorgeous driver’ and presently I’m in an industry where I bring in cash from my attractive features, they don’t need anything to do with me.

“They guarantee to advance ladies. They push it. They need a female so terrible, and yet, they don’t actually.

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