Subway rider Jessica George’s sultry selfie shoot goes viral

She’s the tram dream boat getting seen by millions.

A moment long video of a lady in a tight dark dress consistently modeling for selfies on the city metro has become a viral hit — getting seen more than 6.4 multiple times by Monday morning.

“This lady giving it ALL to the selfie cam on the train is SENDING ME,” entertainer Ben Yahr composed close by his must-see cut Saturday.

The lady, later recognized as Jessica George — or je$$ — and named Subway Bae on Twitter, seems to have her camera propped facing a sack on a train seat as she gives total devotion to getting the ideal steamy selfie.

As different travelers generally disregard her, the lady remains in the carriage presenting, consistently whining with her hair, frowning and afterward inclining forward for some nearby shots.

“Truly she is my new sovereign, I love her and ONLY her!!” @Neil_McNeil remarked on the clasp, while @ddloregui expressed, “She’s POWERFUL, I need to be her.”

Alongside heaps of “just in New York” remarks, @AlvLexi expressed, “Let this be an indication that New Yorkers don’t give a f–k about what you’re doing.”

Jessica tweeted Yahr her much obliged, with her photographs — one a nearby and another a standing posture investigating her shoulder — getting just about 300,000 preferences by Monday morning.

“I am overpowered by the benevolent words communicated by everybody and I simply need to express THANK YOU to all,” she composed.

“How about we spread this inspiration and keep on elevating each other .. goodness and s/o @benyahr for filling my heart with joy #NYC #Yerrr.”

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