Struggling Chef Starts Onlyfans to Survive Pandemic


Pandemic has been hard on all of us, but while tech companies mark their best year to date, some industries have suffered more than others. One of them is the restaurant industry. Pandemic has ruined standard business models for restaurant owners and only some businesses were successful to adjust. Most of them are still struggling to make their ends meet. In an even worse situation than restaurant owners are their employees. Today we interview Misty Caruso, a chef who used to serve high-class meals for celebrities and government officials but now has turned to Onlyfans to survive the pandemic.


What made you to start Onlyfans?

After struggling for a year, the restaurant I worked for went bancrupt. Before that my life was great, I served celebrities and cooked for government officials. I was working for many years and finally felt save to buyt a house. Then the pandemic hit and I lost my job, but I still needed to pay my mortage, so starting Onlyfans felt like the only option to make enough money to cover my expences.

Do you enjoy your new job?

Yes, I love it. I used to do modeling when I was younger, but when I got promoted to be a chef, it consumed all my time, so I had to give up on modeling. Now I use my modeling skills to make hot and spicy content not only in the kitchen.


How much time do you spend on your Onlyfans?

It consumes A LOT of time, but that is one thing I had plenty of after losing my job. I spend about 4 hours per day on photo shoots and at least 2 hours speaking with my subscribers. They are all very special to me. Sometimes I get so excited by one of my subscribers, I can just feel the synergy and we just go wild for a couple of hours. I send him super hot content, he tips me, we chat, I send him something even hotter. I love these little rides that make someone’s day into an exciting adventure with me.

I am 99% angel, but that 1% means a lot of fun..

What kind of content do you create?

I am 99% angel, but that 1% means a lot of fun.. I try different things – hentai, angel, librarian, superhero, real estate agent, model.. But most importantly I listen to my fans. My top fans tell me what they want to see and I make a little surprise for them. They love it. I love it too.


What does your family say about this?

They support me. It’s tough times now for everyone and if I can make money this way and make my fans happy, my family is very happy for me.

Is there anything you would like to say to new girls thinking about starting their Onlyfans?

Go for it! If you are ready to do the work, you will get results. You can earn enough by creating what you and your fans love. This is a great time to give all of yourself to creating content.

Thank you Misty!

You can follow Misty Caruso on Instagram @the.misty.caruso or subscribe to her Onlyfans @themistycaruso.

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