Street Magician Arrested After Making Girl’s Bikini Disappear

A man filling in as a road performer over in Clearwater, Florida (what other place?) has been captured for the current week in the wake of pulling off a lady’s swimsuit as a component of a ‘enchantment stunt’.

As per the capture report, Richard Cook was performing road sorcery at his typical spot, and he was endeavoring a stunt wherein he causes a scarf to vanish from his hand.

He requested a volunteer and the casualty approached. That is when Cook requested all her two hands out in front from her, and afterward came to down and attempted to pull her swimsuit bottoms down from each side.

The lady figured out how to keep them up and revealed to Cook she wasn’t happy with working. Evidently Cook reacted “you WILL feel good” and promptly did it once more, this time presenting the young lady to a horde of individuals.

Women in bikinis

The casualty ran off and cautioned the primary cop she saw.

Ok, the old “I will cause your swimsuit to vanish by ripping it off you with no attempt at being subtle before everybody” schedule. That old work of art. Who knows – possibly there was going to be a wiped out result to the stunt after Richard had pulled her swimsuit off, yet clearly she didn’t stay to discover and I don’t accuse her. In any case, perhaps he was really a genuine performer and not simply some bum who needed to see this present lady’s vagina. I surmise we’ll never know without a doubt.

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