Steve-O Ripped Part Of His Ear Off In Stunt With UFC Star

Proficient imbecile Steve-O has discovered his way into features again after he ripped part of his ear off with UFC star Jon Jones.

I don’t get it. How is this substance? I comprehend the incongruity that this article is simply me expounding on him doing a moronic thing, yet please. Who watched this and thought ‘this is comparable to viewing a real film’?

Stephen Gilchrist Glover, also called Steve-O, said he generally needed to understand what it resembled to have a cauliflower ear (for reasons unknown) and felt that the best way to accomplish that was by having a UFC warrior pulverize his ear with a sledge.

I’ll be straight up with you here; in case you’re not into moderately aged men missing piece of their ear and acting like they’re not in torment while they’re canvassed in blood, at that point this isn’t the video for you.

You can see before the “mishap” that the Jackass star is lying on his back with his ear laying on what resembles the since quite a while ago bit on a paddling machine, while UFC warrior Jon Jones wields a mallet saying “I’m preparing to hurt Steve-O”.

You don’t see the second the mallet connects with the ear – and it’s simply happened to me that this isn’t social removing by any stretch of the imagination – however you see the bloody consequence with everybody chuckling.

How is this not unlawful? Definitely hitting somebody in the head with a mallet isn’t permitted, regardless of whether they ask you to. I’m not knowledgeable in the rule that everyone must follow, and particularly not the law in the USA, but rather I’m almost certain you can’t circumvent harming individuals when they ask you to.

Recording the consequence, Jones says:

“Steve-O came to town, begun talking sh*t.

“You perceive how that showed up for him. I ripped a large portion of his ear off. You figure Mike Tyson planned something for Holyfield? Mike Tyson had nothing”.

Well in any event he’s satisfied?

Great on everybody included.

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