Phone Number Shown On ‘Squid Game’ Belongs To A Real Person Who Has Received Over 4000 Calls From Fans

On the off chance that you have been online these a little while, you would have seen a greater part of Netflix supporters going crazy over ‘Squid Game’, a Korean series where destitute people take part in destructive matches to dominate an enormous monetary reward. The series is excessively famous to the point that it took the best position on Netflix outlines in a ton of nations universally.

The show’s ubiquity, notwithstanding, has made one individual in Korea go through an undesirable encounter. The issue originates from a scene in the series between Gong Yoo, who makes an appearance in the series, and Sung Ki Hoon, played by entertainer Lee Jung Jae. In this scene, the principle character is welcome to play the game and he was given a business card with a telephone number on it.

Lamentably, the number has a place with a genuine individual and he has been getting a torrent of calls from inquisitive fans since the show debuted on Netflix on September 17. As announced by Today Online, Mr A, uncovered that he has been utilizing that number for a long time and these calls are seriously influencing his everyday existence. He said,

“I’ve needed to erase in excess of 4,000 numbers from my telephone. It has gotten to the meaningful part where individuals are connecting day and night because of their interest. It depletes my telephone’s battery and [it] winds down. From the start, I didn’t have a clue why, then, at that point, my companion revealed to me that my number turned out in Squid Game.”

Things being what they are, how did this occur? Indeed, generally Korean telephone numbers have 10 to 11 digits. In the scene, there is just a bunch of 8 digits. Notwithstanding, the team tragically removed the initial three digits which address the region code of the city. Subsequently if one somehow happened to dial the eight digits, the individual in question can in any case break through to the individual. Right now, Netflix and the creation organization is at present in touch with Mr A to determine the issue. Netflix could be fined up to 50 million won (about RM 178,000) for the error.

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