Sommer Ray Slowly Licks Up Melting Ice Cream, Sparks X-Rated Reactions

Sommer Ray knows how to put on a show and that is exactly what she did when she was served a boatload of ice cream for a post-birthday dessert.

The freshly-turned 24-year-old sparked a firestorm of NSFW comments when she slowly licked up the sweet treat on camera, causing many of her 25.5 million Instagram fans to let their imaginations run wild.

The fitness model celebrated her big day with a night on the town last week, but she’s not done celebrating.

How Many Licks?

Letting it’s known she was at Sugar Factory, Sommer Ray sat down with the world’s largest sundae in front of her.

Keeping a firm grip on her waffle cone, the influencer used the sugary delight to scoop even more ice cream on the cone before seductively licking it up.
Closing her eyes and sticking out her tongue, the model went in slow-mo for just a second before giving up the jig and laughing at herself.

Sparking NSFW Reactions!

Looking like a whole snack, Sommer Ray ate her birthday ice cream in a teeny tiny black spaghetti strap and let her gorgeous curly locks flow freely.
And if that wasn’t enough, the messy dessert plate was dripped with chocolate fudge and also featured sugary long, thin suckers that stood straight up, which reminded fans of something X-rated.

“i love @thesugarfactory,” the model simply captioned the delicious video on Monday, September 21. While it was all innocent and fun, her comments exploded with NSFW replies.

Watch The Seductive Video!

“Anyone else thought she was going for the deep throat??” one person wrote which gathered over 5k likes. “i thought she was gonna do sumn else 😭,” posted another.

“I thought this was taking a different turn 😳,” shared a 3rd . Overall, Sommer Ray’s birthday sundae video collected over 435k likes in less than 24 hours. Even Paris Hilton showed her some love by double-tapping.

Sommer Ray has been delivering this birthday season, dropping one golden nugget of content after another.

Birthday princess

Birthday Princess posing

She proved she was no “average Joe” when she slid her jaw-dropping curves into a teeny winnie sparkling birthday dress.
Hitting the town for dinner with her besties, Sommer Ray showed off her toned body in the black number that hugged her hips in the most perfect way.

Shining bright like the birthday queen she is, Sommer Ray then stripped down to a smoking hot bikini and showed off her abs to thank her fans for their unbelievable birthday love.

Watch the video that started all of this on Instagram.

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