Sexologist Wears Her Vaginal Juices As Perfume & Claims Men Love It

Aroma is an incredible and significant thing. You’ve presumably known about the significance of pheromones in sexual science, however you likely could never think about wearing your vaginal discharges as fragrance. Sexologist Shan Boodram, notwithstanding, does exactly that—and as per her, men love it!

In a passage from her new book, The Game of Desire, distributed on Refinery29, Boodram uncovered that she has worn her juices as fragrance and it’s brought about the ideal result with regards to drawing in the other gender.

Sexologist Who Uses Vagina Juice As Perfume Says It Is A 'Delicious Secret'  - LADbible

That is to say, that is pretty virtuoso, all things being equal. Boodram educated a few of her companions to “get another example from the Bartholin’s organs, which are the size of a pea yet assume a huge part in vaginal grease. When they got a decent measure of wetness, they could rub it on the neck, collarbone, and wrists.” Yikes!

While Boodram doesn’t ensure that men (or ladies adoring ladies) will be falling all over you when you wear your own juices as a scent, she demands that insofar as you’re solid down there, it won’t negatively affect your adoration life. “I’ve utilized this procedure on many occasions in the previous ten years and have had blended outcomes: at times individuals are rushing to me, now and then I don’t see a distinction,” she says. “So while I don’t know how compelling this test is, I am sure that each and every time I utilize it, it causes me to feel like a captivated goddess with a delightful mystery.”

Regardless of whether there’s any logical premise to Boodram’s thought, she asserts that scouring your vaginal emissions all over you will make you naturally more sweltering on the grounds that you THINK it makes you more sultry. “Notwithstanding if vaginal pheromones genuinely make an individual overwhelming or not, the way that you figure it wills cause you to act in a bolder, more sure way,” she composes.

Sexologist Wears Her Vaginal Juices As Perfume & Claims Men Love It
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