Self-proclaimed ‘best cleaner in the world’ becomes a TikTok sensation with videos of her scrubbing dirty houses – and loves it so much she does it for FREE

A Finnish lady has become a web sensation in the wake of shooting TikTok recordings of herself cleaning outsiders’ homes for nothing.

Auri Kananen, 27, from Tampere, Finland, gives cleaning tips in her recordings which tell the best way to scour, mop and wipe away the hardest grime marks discovered regularly in homes.

Auri Kananen, 27, from Tampere, Finland, (pictured) has amassed more than 1.8million followers on TikTok for sharing videos of her cleaning peoples' houses

Furthermore, no house is forbidden to Auri, who even gave her ex’s home a clean while he was away holidaying with his new sweetheart.

The lady, whose delightful recordings incorporate scouring an exceptionally soiled hob and cleaning a cabinet, has announced herself to be the ‘best cleaner on the planet’ and even tidied up the house having a place with somebody she had dated from Tinder.

Auri also cleans strangers' dirty houses for free because she loves cleaning so much she only sees it as a hobby

The administration supervisor, who has 1.8million adherents on TikTok, has consistently delighted in changing other people groups’ homes, particularly those that haven’t been cleaned appropriately for a couple of years.

Auri clarified that she won’t charge aliens to clean her home.

‘I do it for nothing for the individuals who need it the most. I like to accomplish intentional work of numerous sorts and cleaning is one of them.

In one of her videos, Auri tackles a grime-covered set of cooking hobs

‘I’m just glad that I can utilize my ability to help others.

‘I realize that life isn’t in every case reasonable for everyone, so in the event that I can help someone, at that point is there any valid reason why i wouldn’t do that.

‘I don’t think anything is excessively sickening. Whenever somebody had spread their excrement everywhere on the latrine.

She manages to clean all the muck off

‘However, I believe that is just dismal that somebody does things like that.’

She began her first cleaning position at 14 years old and is currently a section proprietor of an organization and considers cleaning to be as a pastime.

‘I have consistently cleaned for nothing for my family members and companions.

‘Each Christmas I gave them a ‘present card’ for home cleaning.

This filthy coffee maker proved no problem for Auri

‘They know I’m insane they actually love me. My father consistently requests me what kind from mushrooms I’m eating – he needs to have a similar kind.

‘My family members and companions have snickered at me commonly, they realize I like cleaning, yet at the same time they are shocked about the entire TikTok thing.

‘Prior to TikTok, they were marginally embarrassed when I cleaned for nothing and felt remorseful as a result of it however now individuals don’t feel obligation any longer since I film there.

She had it clean as a whistle again in no time

‘So TikTok is a decent reason for my cleaning diversion, and I will spotless the same number of houses as I can.

Examining how she choses which houses to clean, Auri added: ”First, I’ll request that they send me a few pics. At that point I ask what their circumstance is, some foundation and afterward I inquire as to whether I can film there and in the event that they state truly, at that point I ask when I can come.

‘I have a cleaning schedule where I put all my cleaning arrangements. On ends of the week, I clean greater houses and Monday to Friday I clean more modest houses, for example, lofts.

‘And afterward I simply go there and begin cleaning. It’s as straightforward as that!

Auri says that she has had offers from people internationally to come and visit to clean their homes but because of the coronavirus pandemic she is unable to travel just yet

‘I have booked four cleanings for one week from now.’

One clasp shows Auri, wearing her unique pink Marigold gloves, in a kitchen with earth so thickly encrusted she needs to genuinely eliminate the grime with a scrubber.

Another video shows her reworking zest pantries and cutlery drawers, while tissue folds are deliberately made into bows and towels set on the bed in the wake of being changed into swans.

She stated: ‘I love to clean. The best fulfillment doesn’t come after. It comes while doing it.

As a 27th birthday gift to one of her friends, Auri tidied up his bedroom

‘I love hard stains and these houses frequently haven’t been profound cleaned appropriately.

‘Numerous years worth of oil stains, I can’t portray the inclination when I’m cleaning it.

‘In my own home, it is truly exhausting to clean in light of the fact that there are no hard stains at all and it is simply exquisite to see the individual’s face after I have cleaned their home.

‘At the point when someone is watching me clean and things get sparkling, it’s truly interesting to take a gander at their face.

She reorganised his clothes, allowing him to be able to see the floor again

‘I think numerous individuals get fulfillment after they have cleaned.

‘I get it generally previously and during the cleaning, yet less after it.

‘Since when it’s set, I would prefer not to be there any longer; it turns into an exhausting spot for me.’

Auri is immersed with requests from individuals from across the globe who long for her to do something amazing for their homes.

Another tough cleaning project was this oven

She stated: ‘Individuals inquire as to whether I could tell the truth their homes in India, Philippines, USA, etc.

‘Right now, I can’t, yet I trust that sometime I could.

‘Individuals like makeovers and they appreciate seeing things get perfect.

‘It doesn’t make a difference where you come from. It’s not about your skin tone or what your identity is: nearly everyone prefers clean things.

‘My fantasy is that I could clean all around the globe for these individuals who need it the most. That would be so cool.’

Auri managed to clean it until it sparkled

Under a video of Auri changing a kitchen that has gathered an amazing 46.9million perspectives on TikTok, one individual remarked: ‘Not all saint’s wear capes. Some of them wear pink cleaning gloves.’

Another person added’ ‘No disdain, yet I couldn’t care less in the event that I remain living in the hood for the remainder of my life I ain’t never letting my home get this messy. Best trust it’s spotless inside.’

It's not just grime though, Auri even folded the end of a toilet roll
She gave the roll a bow at the end

Someone else remarked: ‘I love that you simply observe the delight in cleaning with no judgment by any stretch of the imagination; it’s the best match.’


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