Scottish teenager goes for a ‘few beers’ at friend’s house – ends up in Ibiza and gets dumped by girlfriend

19-year-old Brad Duff chose Sunday to meet his companion Reece Lornie, likewise 19, for two or three beverages at his home.

As we can all likely identify with, those couple of calm containers transformed into much more. As relatively few of us can identify with, however, for the Dundee young people it additionally finished in a single direction pass to Ibiza. Brad and Reece, the two handymen, become inebriated and viewed flights.

Man goes for a 'few beers' at friend's - ends up in Ibiza and gets dumped by girlfriend

At the point when they saw that passes to the gathering island in the Balearics were going for £150, it was the push they expected to overturn their Monday mornings.

Inside six hours, they were chilling by the pool at the Ibiza Rocks lodging. What’s more, not long after that when Brad sent his better half a selfie from his objective, he was unloaded.

Reece stated: ‘Brad went to mine on Sunday and we were having several beverages. I’ve no thought how we jumped on to discuss occasions yet we wound up on the web and found a decent arrangement to get to Ibiza.

‘We purchased a single direction trip over here and after six hours we were here. We were simply sitting in mine having a beverage and before you know it we’re in Ibiza.

‘Brad’s better half has left him along these lines, she went mental at him.

‘Clearly she didn’t realize we were coming around here in light of the fact that we didn’t and afterward she woke up on Monday morning with a photograph from us saying we were in Ibiza.’

This hasn’t irritated the fellows, with Reece saying: ‘We’re making some extraordinary memories. We’ve been to Ocean Beach each day since Monday, simply chilling there. We have spent a fortune there up until this point.

Man goes for a 'few beers' at friend's - ends up in Ibiza and gets dumped by girlfriend

‘We’re simply appreciating the 34-degree climate, it seems like freedom after lockdown.’

Fortunately they likewise haven’t lost their positions or families all things considered. Reece stated: ‘When I told my mum and father they didn’t think it was genuine, they just idea I was kidding. They’re alright with it now however.

‘God knows when we’ll be home. We have to figure everything out soon however on the grounds that I have work. ‘I rang my supervisor the following day and mentioned to him what had occurred. He was okay about it, he just said “you just live once”.’

Most likely the main supervisor in the nation for whom YOLO shows up outside of disciplinary procedures.

Man goes for a 'few beers' at friend's - ends up in Ibiza and gets dumped by girlfriend
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