Scottish Lawmaker Goes Viral After His Cat Photobombs Zoom Meeting

A Scottish legislator has seen his online media presence take off after his pet feline photobombed his Zoom meeting, and the official is keeping it in murmur fect point of view.

Prior this week, Parliament part John Nicolson was in a board of trustees conversation on youngsters’ TV when the feline, Rojo, unexpectedly bounced before the camera, waving its tail.

“I am sorry for my feline’s tail,” Nicolson stated, before in the long run pushing the creature out of camera see while reprimanding the lively catlike.

“Rojo, put your tail down please,” he said.

Other parliament individuals in the gathering could be heard snickering during the clasp, which immediately became famous online, as per the Scottish Sun.

After Rojo’s appearance opened up to the world, Nicolson found he had an entire bundle of new devotees on Twitter. Be that as it may, he insightfully acknowledged they weren’t there for him.

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