Salt Bae’s Boston Restaurant Shut Down After Viral Twerk Video on Tik Tok

Salt Bae is imperiling his clients with regards to COVID-19 – in any event as per Boston specialists, who simply shut down his eatery there.

City authorities requested Nusret Gokce’s unique steakhouse shut its entryways this end of the week subsequent to finding the joint was permitting benefactors to pack in without social removing, and not wear covers.

The evidence is halfway up on the eatery’s own Instagram … there’s at any rate one clasp of individuals running back to the foundation – which had re-opened about seven days prior. Massachusetts had as of late reported it would begin letting more individuals eat in and even remain at the bar for foodservice in gatherings of 10.

Anyway, what’s the conclusive evidence of supposed bad behavior that the city has on Salt Bae and co.? Welp, it may be the video’s that made him pattern at this moment … which looks somewhat wild.

A TikTok video shows a lady twerking inside what has all the earmarks of being the anteroom of Nusr-Et – with in all honesty SB himself recording from far off. All alone, it’s a quite entertaining clasp … except if you’re Boston general wellbeing authorities.

Regardless, Bostonians are going to need to hold the Himalayan salt until they figure everything out. The café will have several hearings this week to react to the supposed infringement.

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