Russian Slapping Game Grows In Popularity As Shocking Footage Emerges Of Brutal ‘Sport’

Disregard boxing or UFC, a merciless new game is causing breaks on the web.

Stunning new film has arisen of a brutal ‘slapping rivalry’ – part of a questionable new ‘wearing’ pattern clearing Russia and the previous Soviet Union.

Occurring in Kyrgyzstan, the ‘slap titles’ sees rivals of different sizes and assembles oppressing each other to severe open palmed hits to the face. They keep pummeling each other until somebody withdraws.

In the video, the apparently typical men are seen faltering after their strikes, while others are perceptibly stupefied. The slaps are supposed to be so intense they can even prompt knockouts.

As per the principles, members can’t avoid or redirect their adversaries’ savage slaps and contenders are needed to take the ‘full power of each blow’. The expression ‘takes one for the group’ welcomes on an entirely different significance…

Obviously, the odd game accompanies actual dangers. In this specific competition, one ‘slap contender’ or, rather, slappers, endured a messed up tooth and a severely swollen jaw.

But, serious slapping is filling in fame.

Previous WBA lightweight boxing champion Orzubek Nazarov refereed the challenge.

Oddly, he told the 15 slap contenders that they “will feel exceptionally charming” during the opposition.

I wish you immovability, and that the observers feel joy. It’s cool when somebody is simply smacked in the face for reasons unknown.

We’d be slanted to differ with Nazarov’s assertion…

Furthermore, we have genuine inquiries regarding the disputable new game: how even you train for it? Who began it? Furthermore, in particular, for what reason would anybody need to participate?

Siberian rancher Vasily Kamotsky who won the Russian challenge and became a web sensation after he took out two adversaries with single strikes, clarified:

Everyone on YouTube composes ‘they’re such morons’ and ‘for what reason do this?’ But individuals are watching it and that implies they should require it. They expound adversely on it however they continue watching it.

Notwithstanding the contrary input, individuals are as yet ready to contend.

@I used to do boxing,” said 23-year-old champ Aman Aydarov who got a £1,150 prize, adding:

It’s my first time in a slapping competition and it was cool. This is such an adrenaline surge. I didn’t anticipate winning.

Dissimilar to other coordinated games, for example, boxing or UFC, serious slapping is a greater amount of an equivalent open door gaming occasion – you don’t need to be a competitor, you simply need to ready to take a battering.

Will we start the request to get this made into an Olympic game?

Look at it:

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