Rival Gangs In Cape Town Agreed To An Unprecedented Truce-And Together Bring Food To The Poor

If the significant drop in violent crimes in South Africa would be considered, then, the Covid pandemic isn’t all awful. During the COVID-19 pandemic, crimes in the country have gone down by almost 75%.

As though that isn’t enough, rival gangsters in Cape Town have met up to gather and distribute food and other basic products to needy individuals.

A minister, Andie Steele-Smith, who is working with the gangsters, has named this as a miracle.

South Africa was among the nations in Africa with the most elevated savage crime percentages before the Covid pandemic slowed down the world. However, things have started to improve which is the bright side in the generally foreboding shadow that is the Covid pandemic.

The South African government has set up one of the strictest quarantine measures on the planet. For example, cigarettes and liquor have been restricted in the country.

Likewise, with several different nations, the economy has endured a strong blow because of the pandemic. No one has been saved from the adverse consequences of the battered economy, not even gangsters.

The minister said that two group pioneers called him to clarify their predicament:

“I got a phone call from two gang leaders, both saying ‘Andie, I’ve never asked you for anything but we are starving’.”

Andie was brought into the world in Australia, and he says he was stunned to hear the news that these gangs are at the highest point of the food chain. That caused him to reflect what the remainder of the local area may be going through.

The Pastor’s Plan

As soon as he found out about this, Andie thought of a plan.

He asked the gangsters, who are usually attempting to kill one another, to meet up and work together for the shared objective of giving food and different necessities to poor individuals.

His wish has not fallen on deaf ears.

A member from the “Americans” gang, Preston Jacobs, told the media that it felt good to accomplish something good for the local area.

These feelings were repeated by Sansi Hassan, a member from the “Clever Kids” gang, who even trusted that the truce between the groups would last so that there could never be another fight.

Andie was a broker before in Sydney, and he moved to South Africa to answer his calling as a minister five years ago. He was delighted after seeing what the gangsters had accomplished:

“I’m proud of you guys. Literally, if I died today and went to heaven I would die a happy man.”

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