Ricky Hatton’s Valentine’s Day Was F*cking Wild

Ricky Hatton has had an erm, fascinating Valentine’s Day, and he’s shared his devious shenanigans by means of Instagram.

The short clasp shows the 40-year-old previous expert fighter clad just in a scanty pair of dark underwear. It starts with him leant over a bed, with his almost uncovered bottom being punished with a whip.

As the whip smacks perceptibly against his Blue Moon, unusual Ricky can be heard moaning with delight and shouting – in dubiously suppressed tones – ‘This is the best Valentine’s Day present ever!’

The previous title holder’s face isn’t yet noticeable, yet his particular Manc complement and back tattoo part with him. And keeping in mind that he is accustomed to being predominant in the ring, this clasp positively shows an undeniably more compliant side to the boxing legend…

‘The Hitman’ at that point gets up and goes to confront the camera, articulating a merry ‘thank you!’ to the off-camera individual who has been whipping him, while looking extremely content with the circumstance in reality.

Now, it turns out to be clear his hands are bound with cuffs, a lead has been tied around his neck and a ball gag stuffed in his mouth. Disgraceful for sure!

Might we be able to before long be seeing another sexual novel arrangement to equal 50 Shades of Gray, where Ricky welcomes ladies into his Red Boxing Ring for a totally different sort of match?

Wishing his 157,000 supporters an upbeat Valentine’s Day, the famously wicked Hatton incorporated the accompanying jokey subtitle:

Expectation everybody has had as great a Valentine’s Day as me!

The sassy vid has since been eliminated from Instagram, however not before it grabbed the attention of Commonwealth Gold medalist Anthony Fowler, who depicted Ricky similar to a ‘legend’ in a tweet:

Where did everything turn out badly @HitmanHatton #Legend

Ricky likewise utilized Valentine’s Day to show his sentimental side, tweeting the accompanying message of affection to his sweetheart, Charlie:

Cheerful Valentine’s Day to my charlie. Love you babe.x

He later uncovered he had brought his missus a few blossoms, shamelessly bantering:

Just took @charlie_n_77 a few blossoms higher up… she stated, ‘I guess you need me to open me legs currently don’t you?’ I stated, ‘Why, haven’t we got a container?’

Ricky might be known as The Manchester Mexican, however this is genuinely zesty fun times even by all accounts!

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