Reality Star Fakes Own Kidnapping So She Can Get More OnlyFans Donations

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Masika Kalysha has stood out as truly newsworthy after she faked being seized and requested fans to spend more cash on her OnlyFans account so she could be given up.

In the first video, Kalysha is shrouded in counterfeit wounds and cuts, while wearing dark unmentionables. She’s crying and shows up stirred up as she says:

“Folks I got beat up. I don’t have a clue how long I have. I got beat truly downright terrible they’re coming.

“They said you all need to leave me tips and follow me so they can take the cash or they’re not going to release me”.

Pretty horrendous stuff. Clearly it wasn’t genuine and individuals were outraged.

Considering the kickback, Masika Kalysha has since asserted that the first video was truth be told an exposure stunt for her new show and a youngster sex dealing noble cause.

Pretty musically challenged, that, and the two recordings have now been erased from her record.

Dear @masikakalysha I am a real overcomer of illegal exploitation.

You utilized this overwhelming wrongdoing to advance your OnlyFans.

Masika Kalysha Shares Controversial Video To Promote Her Only Fans — Says It Was To Bring Attention To Human Trafficking https://t.co/e09zilyF0L

— Eliza (@elizableu) August 26, 2020

In her subsequent video accounting for herself, she stated:

“I’m on fixed now shooting for my new show and this is all camera cosmetics, I’m absolutely fine, folks”.

She proceeded to state that the obscure task she is taking a shot at is centered around youngster sex dealing and in anticipation of the show she investigated into the violations.

Adding to that, she advanced the non-benefit noble cause Restore Overcame Sexual Exploitation which gives “basics required for ladies and offspring of shading,” just as all casualties.

“I am sorry in the event that I terrified you folks yet it would be ideal if you kindly please follow the R.O.S.E. Association for more data. I had good intentions so I trust no ones excessively stirred up”.

Or maybe amusingly, the author of the R.O.S.E. proceeded to denounce Kalysha’s activities, saying that she acknowledges the slant yet totally doesn’t excuse the strategies used to advance the foundation. Moreover, they won’t be tolerating any cash raised by the star.

So odd.

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