Real Housewives star Lauren Simon trolled for claiming she had sex with a ghost – twice

Real Housewives star Lauren Simon has been ridiculed for asserting she engaged in sexual relations with a phantom – twice.

The 44-year-old recounted her experience during Monday’s scene of the unscripted TV drama.

She was visiting a mystic to connect with her late father when she dropped the stunner disclosure.

Lauren stated: “I need to concede something truly odd. I’ve had intercourse with an apparition.

“I very engaged in sexual relations. I realized it was definitely not a grimy dream since it was excessively genuine, such as something was contacting me.

“Also, I have had that before where I feel like someone’s holding me down and I can’t get up.

“This specific phantom that came and had intercourse, it happened twice, it was an extremely unusual inclination however he never returned.”

One stated: “Lauren: ‘Nicole consistently figures out how to make everything about her and looks for consideration’. additionally Lauren (in same scene): I had intercourse with a phantom.”

Another additional: “Lauren saying she has had intercourse with a phantom [laughing emoji] #RHOCheshire love her.”

Another person stated: “Lauren is the mate we as a whole need. Sex with an apparition… gotta love her.”

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