Queen’s Guard Soldier Spared Jail After Punching Pregnant Girl In The Stomach

A warrior from the Queen’s first class bodygurad corps has evaded prison time after drunkently punching a pregnant 17-year-old in the stomach at a bar creep.

Marc Thomson, 18, and his casualty were “playfighting” yet at one point he hit her so hard she drew blood, reports Metro.

She hurried to the latrine and detected the seeping in the mirror after the occurrence at the Hyde Park military enclosure of the Household Cavalry, which goes about as the ruler’s authentic protector.

Queen's Guard soldier spared jail after punching pregnant girl | Metro News

Thomson guaranteed he was so flushed he can’t recollect the episode yet conceded attack at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Matthew Barrowcliffe, arraigning, stated:

The complainant at the time was 17 years old, additionally pregnant at the hour of the offense. The two were basically companions.

They had been out for a night out, they had been to different drinking foundations.

The respondent got the complainant by the attire having been irritated and having a go at her.

At a certain point the respondent punched the casualty once in the stomach so she went to the latrine and found that she was seeping because of the occurrence.

Thomson’s safeguard attorney, Kane Sharpe, countered:

He was really baffled by the charge. He was tanked and has no genuine memory of the occurrence.

It began with play battling and afterward went somewhat excessively far.

Eventually, Thomson was provided a network request, a £500 fine and a two-month check in time. He will likewise confront disciplinary activity by his sleeping enclosure administrators who could hand him 28 days’ repression with military preparing at Colchester.

The casualty has likewise since conceived an offspring, so great to know there was no enduring harm from the trooper’s punch. Next time he needs to playfight with somebody however, perhaps pick one of his squaddies? Ideally one his own size. Not a pregnant youngster on a bar creep ffs, which is an entire other issue we could get into.

Anyway, at 18 and given the entire setting of the circumstance, I believe it’s OK to give this chap another opportunity. We should trust he’s found out his exercise.

Queen's Guard soldier spared jail after punching pregnant girl | Metro News
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