Prosecutor’s hubby claims bathroom spycam found by nanny just an innocent ‘fetish’

An unusual obsession is helping a Manhattan investigator’s supposedly pervy hubby get off — in court.

Matthew Seltzer, hitched to Assistant District Attorney Lauren Angelo-Seltzer, was blamed in January 2018 for introducing a government agent camera to catch the family’s 23-year-old caretaker, Vanessa Rivas, changing in a restroom.

From the start, the Seltzers kept up they had no information on the gadget and demanded it was planted by a secret Peeping Tom.

Presently Matthew Seltzer is admitting to embeddings the spycam in the restroom himself to follow up on an unusual interest — of seeing himself disrobe, sources said.

Significantly crazier: The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office might be purchasing the plausible excuse and is thinking about dropping the argument against the denounced perv.

“No clarification concerning why he would require a covered up, masked camera with movement actuation to film himself, to the extent we know,” said Rivas’ lawyer, Vincent White.

The legal advisor said examiners still can’t seem to communicate Seltzer’s perspective to a terrific jury, regardless of telling the caretaker that attendants would hear the case over the late spring.

“Obviously, they are effectively considering dropping the case as a result of this new guard . . . They’re requiring Vanessa’s life to be postponed to secure this deviant,” White fumed.

“It’s acceptable to have associations and cash I surmise,” he stated, portraying the new advancements as “evident maltreatments of intensity.”

Notwithstanding his better half working at the Manhattan DA’s Office, Seltzer’s relative is a resigned Manhattan Criminal Court judge and previous state Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) deputy who wedded a Bronx investigator in a service directed by then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Rivas was planning to shower in the visitor restroom at the Seltzers’ StuyTown loft on Jan. 18, 2018, when she saw a gadget that looked like a dark USB power connector highlighting her.

“It was in the washroom right over the sink,” Rivas said in a meeting before a year ago. “The sink is directly close to the shower, so that is the place where you would strip not long prior to jumping in.”

Regrettably, she found the gadget was a camera.

“I felt mortified,” she said. “This is the place where I would uncover on different occasions. I showered there different occasions.”

At the point when Angelo-Seltzer got back after working all day, Rivas defied the mother of three, who became “antagonistic” and grabbed the spycam away, as indicated by Rivas.

However, the deft caretaker clutched the vital bit of proof: the camera’s computer chip.

After Rivas left, the ADA called her multiple times and sent 26 instant messages, as per court papers.

“Matt and I could never at any point actually do this and I have no clue about how or why you figure we would, so we need that chip,” she kept in touch with Rivas in one trade, as per screen captures of the writings imparted to The Post.

Angelo-Seltzer asserted to cops that she had no clue about who introduced the gadget and that she was simply the subject of unlawful observation.

The principal snapshots of film caught by the camera show a lady, who Rivas said is Angelo-Seltzer, stirring through cupboards while wearing a coat and rucksack, as though getting ready for the workday.

The camera additionally caught StuyTown upkeep groups working in the washroom for the duration of the day.

The last picture shows Rivas going after the camera.

Rivas documented a criminal protest against the couple at a Manhattan police headquarters the next day. The case was later alluded to the Brooklyn lead prosecutor to maintain a strategic distance from an irreconcilable circumstance.

After Rivas’ upsetting revelation, the couple dispatched a “mission of terrorizing and badgering” against her, court papers claim, including enrolling Angelo-Seltzer’s adjudicator mother, Eileen Koretz, to incline toward Rivas to drop the charges.

“I realize you had requested your compensation, so if there was an approach to end this and simply kind of pay you your cash, have a type of composed arrangement all of you won’t converse with one another any longer and proceed onward,” Koretz revealed to Rivas seven days after the camera disclosure, as per a chronicle of the call acquired by The Post. “So the police [investigation], that will end, and you’ll all proceed onward.”

Rivas answered: “Eileen, I can’t let something like this go. I don’t have the foggiest idea about whose goals they were . . . I don’t have the foggiest idea the number of recordings there are of me, if this was the first. It will be the last.”

Koretz in the end surrendered as a legal hearing official in the midst of a state investigator general test into her interfering in the Rivas case.

While trusting that investigators will squeeze criminal allegations, Rivas recorded a common suit against the couple in January 2019.

Manhattan Civil Court Judge Lynn Kotler as of late put the case on pause, forthcoming the result of the criminal test, which is progressing, as per Brooklyn DA representative Oren Yaniv.

Yaniv declined to remark on Seltzer’s safeguard.

White said the Brooklyn DA’s office educated his group regarding the new vindication in October, and said examiners were looking for confirmation that Seltzer had a background marked by watching himself uncover.

“The DA expressed they are currently recouping erased information off the camera that Vanessa found, however they have all the earmarks of being attempting to prove his safeguard by recuperating erased documents,” White said.

He impacted the “silly” protection.

“On the off chance that I was a criminal lawyer and I attempted to pass off a guard with this numerous openings in it, I would expect any self-regarding law requirement expert to snicker in my face or more awful. I would merit it,” he said.

Rivas’ legal counselor promises to press forward regardless of the “obsession” vindication.

“This ongoing advancement for a situation which has just included so numerous obvious maltreatments of intensity has shaken my confidence in the criminal equity framework,” White said.

“However, we have no goal of letting him free.”

Seltzer and his significant other didn’t restore rehashed messages looking for input. Seltzer’s attorney, James Carman, declined to remark.

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