Principal who made sexual comments to staffers about his Xerox machine fetish is demoted – for ‘making creepy remarks to a freshman’

A vital who badgering female laborers and offered unseemly remarks about having intercourse with a copier is being downgraded in the midst of new claims of comparative conduct – this time towards an understudy.

Head John Chase Jr of Bronxdale High School, New York, told his female staff members he was exceptionally dazzled with the school’s new copier since ‘it even has an opening in it where you can put your d*** in and find a blow line of work’.

He likewise said something about a female colleague saying she needed to ‘blow him’. As opposed to have his post ended, he was sent a disciplinary letter and compelled to go on affectability preparing.

Staff were supposed to be furious about what they saw as a ‘token punishment’ for terrible conduct.

Yet, a month ago he was accounted for again for offering wrong remarks to an understudy.

Schooling source disclosed to The New York Post the Bronxdale first year recruit asserted Chase requested that her report to him as opposed to her direction advocate since she was ‘unique’ and he was ‘watching’ her.

The 15-year-old understudy told school staff members he had caused her to feel awkward.

Her grumbling has now been sent to the Office of Equal Opportunity, which will start an examination of the charges.

As the examination happens, Chase is being doled out away from Bronxdale from one week from now, and he will be downgraded to the position of right hand head – yet will even now keep up his title and compensation.

His new school has not yet been resolved.

He right now procures $132, 633-a-year.

One of the female staff members who saw Chase’s July upheavals – and documented a police report about them in September – said that she feels seriously for whatever school gets him.

She told the New York Daily News: ‘I don’t believe he will alter his way of life. I don’t figure he should be working in schools by any means.’

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