Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Charged in $24M COVID-19 Relief Scheme

As per reports, Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue is in genuine lawful difficulty in the wake of being charged for his supposed function in a COVID-19 alleviation plot. Jewel Blue Smith, 36, was captured on Monday with 28-year-old Tonye C. Johnson of Pennsylvania for their parts in a $24 million COVID-19 help extortion conspire. The pair is dealing with indictments of wire misrepresentation, bank extortion, and intrigue to submit wire misrepresentation and bank extortion.

Child Blue purportedly purchased another Ferrari with cash cheated through the Paycheck Protection Program advance worth almost $427,000 dollars. He did likewise with another credit as much as $1 million. The FBI has since discovered that Smith was essential for a bigger activity that persuaded numerous others to petition for the credits while taking payoffs. Altogether, the FBI has charged 11 individuals regarding the plan.

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