Polyamorous Man Who Wants To Get Both His Wives ‘Pregnant At The Same Time’ Admits It Will Be ‘A Lot Of Work’

A polyamorous man has uncovered he’s attempting to get the two his spouses pregnant simultaneously so they can “share the excursion together”.

Jimmy Silva, 36, and ChaCha Sahagun, 32, from California, had been dating for a very long time prior to meeting Summer Pelletier, 26, at a business occasion in 2012 and going gaga for her.

The triplet began dating yet kept their relationship open, until Jimmy proposed to the two ladies utilizing two jewel rings that were produced using a solitary stone cut in two. Two winged animals, one stone without a doubt!

The throuple now need to begin a family, and Jimmy has made it his main goal to get the two ladies pregnant simultaneously. He told the Daily Star:

I wanna get the two of them pregnant simultaneously. So it’s a ton of work for me however I’ll do it.

Summer on Jimmy proposing to them both in April 2019:

Jimmy proposed to us and it was extremely energizing. We had no clue about what he was up to until the latest possible time. I looked to ChaCha for endorsement and we both said yes.

It was an exceptionally excellent second and even a more lovely second when we discovered that our jewels where cut from a similar stone.

While the threesome are in a serious relationship, they are on the whole commonly pulled in to ladies and offer a dream to remember more ladies for their adoration triangle just as to have infants sooner rather than later. Things are searching up for Jimmy! In spite of the fact that I don’t know about living in a house with 2 pregnant ladies, not to mention more.

I will monitor this story since I’m truly intrigued to check whether Jimmy can get both ChaCha and Summer pregnant simultaneously. It will be extra amazing in the event that he figures out how to do it with one burden. That would for sure take some ability!

Indeed like Jimmy says, this will be “a ton of difficult work” yet it seems as though he’s up for the test. Whatever skims this upbeat threesome’s boat. Go Jimmy Go!

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