Police Officer in Hot Water For ‘Arresting’ Playboy Models In Viral Instagram Video

A Miami Beach Police official is under scrutiny after he showed up in an ‘unseemly’ popular video accompanying half bare Instagram models in cuffs into a police headquarters.

As per the Miami Herald:

A Miami Beach cop has been put on managerial obligation subsequent to showing up in a Playboy model’s Instagram video walking three cuffed, semi-naked ladies toward police central command in an artificial capture.

The video, which has been seen a consolidated 1.6 multiple times as of Monday night, was posted on the Instagram pages of the three mainstream models — one of whom is a Playboy covermodel.

Official William Beeker, who the ladies alluded to as Officer Bill, was wearing full uniform during his appearance in the viral video.

An extra video presented on the Instagram Story of Playboy model Francia James highlighted a talking function for the official.

“Much obliged to you, Officer Bill, for releasing us,” the ladies — encompassing Beeker — said.

He reacts: “No issue. Appreciate the network. I like to secure and serve.”

In reasonableness to the person dislike he was attempting to shroud it. It seems like he had no clue about that what he was doing was wrong and would push him into difficulty. These three models in swimming outfits just chirpsed him into highlighting in their viral video and he got so energized he didn’t consider the results.

In case you’re pondering, these ladies are Julianne Kissinger, Maddy Belle, and Playboy’s May cover model Francia James. They all have a large number of Instagram adherents each and truth be told you may recall us highlighting Francia’s video some time back when she got savagely attacked by that elephant on safari:

The Miami cop will likely get a reprimanding for this so it’s not generally a serious deal, but rather goes to show the force and impact a portion of these IG models have over the average person. I supposition that is the means by which you wind up getting paid poop burdens to do supported posts like these:

Keen young lady.

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