Police investigate dangerous bonnet-surfing TikTok stunt

Per an ongoing report by News.com.au, the recording of the dangerous demonstration was transferred by a man named Luke Zivkovic on Saturday, October 10.

In the video being referred to, Zivkovic, who hails from Horsham in Victoria, can be seen wearing shades, drinking a jug of Carlton Dry lager, and smoking a cigarette, while riding on the cap of a vehicle down a vacant expressway.

Just as Zivkovic himself, another traveler riding inside the vehicle can likewise be seen shooting him.

As per News.com.au, the recording has since been shared almost multiple times and presently flaunts in excess of 2000 remarks on Facebook.

As far as concerns him, Zivkovic himself appears to be undecided about the obvious disgrace the video has conceded him.

After various news reports surfaced about his video, Zivkovic wrote a Facebook status on October 12, in which he composed:

“How’s everyone come out of the woodwork wanting to be friends on Facebook for my 10min of fame Hahahaha you hated me in school why the f*** would I wanna know ya now? [sic]”

Per News.com.au, a neighborhood police representative remarked on the episode by expressing:

“Police are aware of video footage circulating of a male traveling at speed on the bonnet of a vehicle believed to be in the Horsham area. The male has been identified and an investigation is underway to determine the exact circumstances of the incident.”

The recording was additionally joined by the hashtag #dreamschallenge, a TikTok pattern initially authored by a TikTok client and Idaho inhabitant named Nathan Apodaca.

As per ABC 7 News, Apocada originally circulated around the web after he transferred a video of himself skateboarding while at the same time drinking Ocean Spray brand cranberry juice after his vehicle stalled. In the foundation of the video, the Fleetwood Mac melody Dreams could be heard.

Per BBC News, band organizer Mick Fleetwood later by and by expressed gratitude toward Apocada for giving the melody a renewed purpose for getting up in the morning, and per ABC 7 News, an Ocean Spray delegate appeared at present him with a shiny new 2020 Nissan Frontier truck.

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