Police have arrested the man suspected of dumping liquid feces on people

A man accepted to be behind a progression of defecation tossing assaults has been captured in Toronto.

23 year-old Samuel Opoku has been accused of five checks of attack with a weapon and five tallies of underhandedness impedance with property. He is set to show up in court this Wednesday.

He has been blamed for unloading containers of “condensed fecal issue” on five people.

The primary occurrence occurred a week ago, on November 22, when Opoku is affirmed to have entered the University of Toronto’s John P. Robarts Research Library and poured a kicked of human rectal waste on a man and a lady.

In a meeting with CityNews, an onlooker said a “concentrated dung like smell” before long occupied the room.

Soon thereafter, another lady and man were focused on, and excrement were tossed onto them at York University’s Scott Library. Opoku can be found in security film grinning while at the same time conveying a basin.

A third attack is claimed to have taken on Monday when Opoku poured liquified dung on another lady outside of U of T’s St. George grounds.

Toronto police representative Victor Kwong recently disclosed to VICE the assaults left the casualties “sickened”. The substance of the cans are presently being analyzed by criminology to decide if they contain dung.

After Opoku was captured, Toronto Mayor John Tory gave a proclamation communicating alleviation that the supposed offender was caught.

“Incredible work by @TorontoPolice capturing a person in the ‘excrement assaults’ examination,” Tory tweeted. “He can’t confront equity or be given assistance until secured and it appears to be our police have that close by. I trust this capture will assist quiet with worried on grounds and over the city.”

This is what an eyewitness had to say about one of the incidents:

This woman sadly had excrement poured over her:

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