People On TikTok Are Dipping Their Testicles In Soy Sauce And Claiming They Can Taste It

Apparently, a man’s balls have their own special arrangement of taste buds as per one client who set off the pattern by sharing an old article from 2013 that asserted only that.

Indeed, even Google says as much – it must be valid.

As per one specific logical examination, gonads do in reality have taste buds that can distinguish sweet flavors – and they’re indispensable for fruitfulness.

Probably, you even have taste receptors in your rear-end.

Can’t resist the urge to figure we shouldn’t disclose that data as we may well start another pattern…

God prohibit.

Researchers state that, regardless of being far from the mouth (well not really – could be in somebody elses?!), taste receptors on the gonads and butt can recognize the exquisite taste of umami – the amino corrosive in soy sauce.

Obviously, TikTok clients would be moronic not to give it a shot and it has since snowballed from that point with some prominent clients testing their gonad tasting capacities and offering it to the world.

In spite of the science, one specialist claims it is finished horse crap.

The investigation being referred to was just ever tried on mice and was more to do with ripeness than everything else.

Dr Kirten Parekh stated: “Exploration shows that there are taste bud receptors everywhere on the body and it’s theorized to be for ripeness”.

“Because you have taste buds here doesn’t mean you can genuinely taste those flavors”.

“Your body may get it, yet you won’t have a discerning taste of sweet, sharp, or whatever flavor.”

One TikTok client ‘Alx James’ who has in excess of 954,000 devotees asserted he could “taste salt” as he attempted to expose the fantasy.


oh.. my god….. 🤭😳

♬ original sound – Alx James

While another client, Mattew Lush, who has 91,000 devotees totally lowered his nuts saying he could “thoroughly taste [it]”.

“I can possess a flavor like I just had soy sauce”, he is heard saying in the clasp.

“You know when you burp up soy sauce like it’s there, however you don’t really taste it in your mouth”, he proceeds.

In any case, it wasn’t without its disadvantages… how was it for his balls?

“You know, it does kinda sting a while later I’m not going to mislead anybody”.

“It has this strange shivery like salt on your nuts”.


“It reminds in the event that you shave and, at that point go into the sea, you’re similar to ‘ooh, that kinda stings'”, he clarifies.

Matthew at that point chose to check whether his nuts were any acceptable at tasting different fluids and plunged his balls into new squeezed orange.

Apparently, his gonads are very acceptable at identifying various flavors as he asserted they could get the sweet vibe.

Be that as it may, enough was sufficient after his gonads started to “wilt up”.

Very great at disclosing to you when they’ve had enough as well?!

Withered nut sacks, exactly what we needed to picture in front of our mid-day break.

Hello, maybe we could get our own test moving?!

Wasabi glue?!

Hot stew sauce?!

Please God no.

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