People Left Disgusted At Fear Factor Donkey Se-men Scene

Hopefuls of American game show were once tested to drink jackass semen and pee.

Dread Factor was an American trick show that in the long run got dropped and fans think this specific challenge went excessively far.

The test was to toss a horseshoe towards a stick and whatever number it arrives on is how much the competitors needed to drink.

Subsequent to tossing the horseshoe, twins Claire and Brynne were requested to drink 30 and 24 ounces of jackass pee and semen.

Claire uncovered that the jackass semen tasted very unpleasant ‘with traces of roughage’. She said she hurled a couple of times as well and that it smelt terrible.

Credit: NBC

I don’t think anybody is astounded there.

Amazingly, nonetheless, the twins said they were ‘glad for’ the way that they acknowledged the demand.

They were asked by TMZ in the event that they would rehash it, in which they reacted: “Presumably, we are glad for what we did.”

Other contestants reacting to the challenge. Credit: NBC

With all due respect, a $50,000 (£36,000) cash cost was available to anyone so you can sort of see why they pulled out all the stops.

Notwithstanding at first doing admirably in the evaluations, NBC’s Fear Factor was dropped in 2006 get-togethers debut in 2001.

The recording reemerged on TikTok yesterday (Aug 8) and piled up right around 2,000,000 perspectives and 119,000 preferences.

One client remarked: “Envision drinking that and still not dominating the match.”

While a second added: “I’m happy it got dropped.”

A third inquired: “Better inquiry how could they get the semen.”

I believe there’s no requirement for anybody to address that inquiry to be straightforward.

The twins are little girls of previous representative for NFL group Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rick Odioso.

Credit: NBC

The show was facilitated by UFC analyst and podcaster Joe Rogan. He told the late Art Bell in 2015, “It was peculiar for me being there, being its host, as it was for anybody to watch it.”

He added: “The vast majority of the time I would appear at work and I’d shake my head going, ‘I can’t accept this is a genuine show.’… I thought it was something totally crazy. I’m similar to, ‘It’s basically impossible that this will remain on TV’.”

The show endeavored its initially reboot in 2011, which just kept going a year. In 2017, MTV endeavored a second reboot yet just endured two seasons.

Quick and Furious star Ludacris wound up facilitating the second reboot in May 2017 and it really turned into MTV’s greatest head in two years.

Shockingly, the publicity was brief and the show became penniless indeed.

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