People Are Saying Another Simpsons Prediction Has Come True With Glass Dome

Individuals are kidding that The Simpsons has anticipated another monstrous occasion, with fans comparing new level limitations in the UK to the glass vault in The Simpsons Movie.

The film was delivered in 2007, and on the off chance that you recall, the town of Springfield is set under an immense glass vault to shield it from contamination, all at the request for the president, who turns out to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, on account of its planning when it was appeared on Film 4 a week ago, individuals really wanted to draw correlations between lockdown limitations and the vault that covers the anecdotal American town.

As usual, individuals took to Twitter to voice their discoveries.

The enlivened grown-up satire has a long history of ‘foreseeing’ genuine occasions.

Obviously, this could somewhat be down to the way that it is the longest-running early evening scripted arrangement ever, which means there was a great deal of chance for occurrence.

Saying that however, a portion of the forecasts have been pretty specialty – for instance, the show some way or another indicated Donald Trump winning the US official political decision, something I’m almost certain no one would’ve seen coming ten years prior.

In the scene ‘Bart to the Future’ (which circulated in March 2000), Lisa is made president. As she sits in the Oval Office, she jests: “We’ve acquired a significant spending mash from President Trump.”

Matt Groening disclosed to The Guardian: “We anticipated that he would be president in 2000 – however [Trump] was obviously the most ridiculous placeholder joke name that we could consider at that point, that is still evident. It’s past parody.”

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