OnlyFans Model Fires Gun at Armed Burglars While Protecting Family

A Miami Instagram model and OnlyFans content maker may have spared her family when she took shots at robbers who constrained their way inside her home.

The Daily Dot reports that Ansley Pacheco was at home on Oct. 4 when two furnished men entered her home. The criminals, who had evidently been following her property, had the option to get entrance after a visitor was allowed in through the front entryway. Ansley’s better half Daniel Pacheco was viewing the NBA Finals with certain companions around 8 p.m. at the point when the assault occurred. After the burglars advised everybody to get down on the floor, they took some gems from the men in the family room. The home intrusion was recorded on the family’s observation framework, which can be found in the report underneath:

The 26-year-old revealed to Local 10 that she thought something was going on when she heard individuals shouting in the lounge room. She was in her room with her child, where she snatched her firearm from the end table. At the point when she opened the entryway, she was vis-à-vis with one of the thieves.

“He instructed me to put my weapon down. I just shook my head no, and afterward I stated, ‘Don’t shoot me, my child is in here,'” Pacheco said.

The man started shooting at Pacheco’s room, hitting her headboard, TV, and storeroom entryway with at any rate six or seven shots. She returned fire, making the criminal flee. The two men took shots back at her; Daniel at that point got the firearm from Ansley and went to stand up to the criminals, who fled in a dull shaded vehicle. He took shots at them as they drove away.

“I recently realized that I needed to accomplish something, and my first intuition was to get the weapon and safeguard my better half and my child,” she added. She’s upbeat that nobody was harmed in the episode. “You know, they could’ve executed him; they could’ve murdered me,” she said. “They didn’t mind by any means.”

The outfitted men apparently took over $100,000 in gems, including a $50,000 gold chain and $33,000 watch. Pacheco, her family, and the visitors said they didn’t perceive the men.

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