Oligarch’s Granddaughter Leena River Runs Away From Family And Starts OnlyFans Account to Survive

It was a little over 2 years ago when we first heard of Leena River. She was the hot news sensation for months as she gained millions of followers with her viral videos on Tik Tok, Snapchat and Instagram. Most popular videos on @leenariver profiles featured Leena and her hot girlfriends enjoying the 0.01 percent lifestyle on a superyacht sailing around the world and showing off their hot bodies.

Rumours about Leena’s family having hard time supporting her choices sprung up already in 2018. Altough Leena never disclosed her real name and refuses to talk about her family, her fans quickly pointed out many instances when she has been caught partying with male and female models and children from incredibly wealthy families.

It’s reported Leena and her sister hired numerous top-class chefs for her massive parties as seen on stories on multiple chef Instagram accounts, including Salt Bae, Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver. Son of the well known Russian oligarch Valery Kogan and extended family members of Dmitry Kamenshchik, who together own Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, were also seen enjoying a good time on the same yacht.

On 11th of August Leena River notified her fans for the last time by posting a story:

My life until this point has been a wild rollercoaster ride.. My family does not support my life choices and dreams anymore.. I can’t continue to live in my families shadow..

Last Story Leena River Posted Before Dissapearing

After posting this on her Instagram, River deleted all of her social media accounts with millions of followers overnight. For more than 5 months River’s fans had no idea what happened. Some even suggested she is kidnapped, while others pointed out her previous posts where she mentioned she wants to undergo a delicate plastic surgery.

Luckily for us, Leena can’t keep her head under the water for too long. On January 12th, some of her fans reported noticing River’s profile @leenariver on OnlyFans.

A lot has changed since then. River has since moved to Spain and is trying to survive without her familys money. She does not want to talk about what exactly happened between her and her family, but she is working hard to earn a living now.

I need to send a nude now and then to my biggest contributors, but I support myself financially now. I want to live my own life and I don’t care what my family thinks about my life choices anymore.

When asked about what has changed in her life over the past year, she responded:

Everything. I am living a simple life now – I do yoga, stretch my body and try to be a good girl. I’m terrible at being good, but people seem to like it.

Leena said she does not plan to continue her career as an influencer and her old social media profiles will remain shut down.

I am happy where I am now. I will only post to my OnlyFans and all other accounts will remain shut down.

But it sure must be hard to give up your lavish lifestyle. How do you deal with people from the past when they discover your OnlyFans profile?

When people find out about my OnlyFans profile, they think I’m still the young Leena I used to be last year. I am not that person anymore. I need to make my own money now, so if you’re a loyal fan, you DM me and are nice to me, I might send you a nude or something very sexy in my undies.

With all of the attention in the past, @leenariver knows very well what she is talking about. Now tell us what do you think. Will she be able to make it on her own? Is OnlyFans enough to support her lavish lifestyle?

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