Oklahoma Woman Leads Police On High-Speed Chase After Telling Them ‘I Have To Poop So Bad’

An Oklahoma lady was captured subsequent to driving police on a fast police pursue following her confirmation that she needed to “crap so awful.” Emily Sindt Owings, 28, was pulled over by police in the town of Enid at around 9 a.m. on a Tuesday morning for not wearing a safety belt. The official before long found that her permit had been renounced and when he let her realize that he expected to check for any extraordinary warrants, that is the point at which she asserted she required the latrine critically and chose to zoom off. Oh dear!

She attempted each reason in the book, including by and large requesting that the official let her go. He clearly won’t, to which she reacted that she had no clue her permit had been renounced and that on the off chance that she had, she wouldn’t at present be driving. “Would i be able to please return home and go crap?” she at that point argues in bodycam film delivered by the Enid Police Department.

The warrant was for purportedly battling an official during a past fight. Owings was then approached to venture out of the vehicle in the wake of being told she was set to be locked up, with the official advising her, “You have warrants in Woods County and they are coming to get you.” Her reaction? “No they are most certainly not! F–k you all!”

She drove police on a pursuit for a couple of squares, blasting through stop signs before in the end giving up. As she’s accompanied to the crew vehicle, she inquires as to whether she can crap in his vehicle, to which he reacts that she might have just been almost at the prison. “Better believe it, yet not crapping!” she said.

There, she was accused of a large number of charges including foolish driving, driving under suspension and ownership of medication stuff for the meth pipe they found in her vehicle.

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