Offset Cops Cardi B a Rolls Royce Truck for Her Birthday

Already, news surfaced noticing that Cardi B sought legal separation from Offset. The last time the couple confronted this circumstance, they outstandingly returned together. Notwithstanding, Cardi has said petitioning for legal separation isn’t because of any issue Offset had. From that point forward, Offset has been indicating the amount he misses the Bronx genius.

Cardi B was in Las Vegas commending her 28th birthday celebration when the Migos rapper amazed the mother of his kid with a Rolls Royce truck. This was a stun to numerous in light of the fact that the two are still during the time spent separation. Cardi could be seen kissing Offset due to the sumptuous blessing he got her, which provoked individuals in the group to recite “dark love.” Watch below.

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