Nurse Gets Fired For ‘Joking’ About Mistreating Patients On TikTok

A North Carolina nurse has been terminated from nursing office The Citadel in Winston-Salem after she posted different recordings on TikTok discussing how she apparently abuses patients.

Kelly Morris AKA ‘bubblegumkelz’ claims she was just kidding and that her recordings were just satire dramas…

There’s no proof (yet) to recommend that Kelly truly has abused patients, yet I think for the most part individuals favor nurture that don’t tell wisecracks about giving patients such a large number of pills, lying about essential signs, or behaving as they don’t mind when a patient passes on.

Normally individuals were only a little piece worried by the substance of Kelly’s TikToks and told her boss, who did the solitary thing they truly could do and release her.

It wasn’t some time before Kelly fired up a pledge drive…

No child daddy around I’m speculating? Clearly it’s not ideal to see a solitary mum with 3 children get terminated from a calling where she’s presumably going to be boycotted and compelled to begin another profession, yet it’s somewhat faltering that she won’t assume any liability for it. It resembles she actually fail to understand what the issue is!

Up to this point Kelly has raised $200 out of her $50,000 objective, which isn’t extraordinary yet really astonishing that anybody would give in any case. Hopefully Kelly sees the blunder of her methodologies and possibly finds herself another line of work. First thing she ought to do however is erase TikTok IMO. Best of luck!

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