Nude traveller shares the best place in the world to get naked

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You might need to factor in how extraordinary a spot is to get exposed. That will help you pack light, at any rate. Fortunately there’s a specialist available to control you on your bare voyages. Svetlana Reus, who passes by @lighty_light on Instagram, is a movement blogger whose forte is taking pictures in the buff.

Shows: Bali, Indonesia // Pics from Jam Press (Nude traveller) Nude traveller reveals the best place in the world to get naked. Ever wondered where the best place in the world to get naked is? Well according to one Instagrammer who specialises in stripping off around the globe it's Iceland - as long as the weather is ok. Svetlana Reus, who goes by the name?@lighty_light?on social media, says she loves posing nude in as many countries as possible but the peak so far has been the land of fire and ice. She said: 'I was naked in boundless lupine fields with a breathtaking view of the mountains, then in front of the secret waterfall surrounded by incredible green colour. You can easily find a beautiful hidden spot there.' It's quite fitting that the 30-year-old should be so in love with the country - Svetlana bears more than a passing resemblance to Daenerys Targaryen of Game Of Thrones, much of which was filmed in Iceland. Fans could be forgiven for thinking they'd stumbled across an X-rated version of the mother of dragon's Insta, thanks to her poise and impressively long blonde locks. There's also plenty of drama and romance in Svetlana's feed, although mercifully not with her nephew. The Emilia Clarke look-alike has been married for five years and, on every wedding anniversary, she and her husband celebrate by getting married again, in a different country, according to that land's traditions. Svetlana's first, 'real' wedding was in Las Vegas in January 2015 but, since then, she and her man have enjoyed jetting round the world and doing it all over again. In 2016 it was a Buddhist wedding ceremony in Thailand, in 2017 it was an Arabic wedding in the desert of the UAE, 2018 was an Inca marriage in Peru and this year she celebrated a Chinese union in Hong Kong. 'Of course all the ceremonies are symbolic ones,' she explains. Her husband, who takes most of her raunchy snaps, appears in their wedding pics but is seemingly too modest to be named. 'He prefers me to call him The Master of the Universe,' jokes Svetlana. Unsurprisingly, Svetlana's Instagram combo of colourful travel snaps, true love and nudity has proved a hit and she currently has nearly 20,000 followers. 'Nature inspires me to pose naked,' she says. I'd like to reveal the beauty of unity with nature to the world and how awesome it can be. I carefully select pictures so they look artistic but not vulgar.' For the moment at least, the Instagram star is travelling and sharing her pics for the fun of it, as she doesn't get sponsored or paid. She says it's just about sharing the travel bug, which she's had for some time. Svetlana said: 'Travelling became my addiction in 2010 when I had my first trip. I tried to travel as much as possible cutting back other expenses like cinema, restaurants, new clothes etc. I met my husband in 2014 and we started travelling together, exploring the world and sharing emotions. I can't imagine my life without it now.' She has many favourite places around the world, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Vegas, the Maldives to relax, Barcelona for exploring, Peru for the food, Japan for the culture and the UK for its spirit. Svetlana, who is Russian, added: 'My heart belongs to Tanzania and South Africa. I?ll never get tired of its wild beauty. Their hospitality is the best I?ve ever seen.' The freelance IT manager currently lives in Greece 'because of the good climate' but says 'the whole world is my home.' Next on her itinerary is Hawaii where she'll no doubt forgo the hula skirt if possible. 'I feel quite comfortable in front of the camera,' says Svetlana. 'It's fun.' ENDS

She has a serious intriguing way of life with regards to expansion to peeling off all around the globe.

Svetlana has been hitched for a very long time to a man who wants to be known as The Master of the Universe. He takes the entirety of the photographs of her without garments. The couple had their official wedding in Las Vegas in January 2015, yet from that point forward they have another wedding function each year in an alternate area.

In 2016 they emblematically got married to a Buddhist service in Thailand, in 2017 they had an Arabic wedding in the desert of the UAE, and in 2018 it was the ideal opportunity for an Inca marriage in Peru. This year the couple got remarried in Hong Kong.

All that open door for make a trip unquestionably assists with building a solid Instagram presence, yet presenting bare doesn’t do any harm. Svetlana presently has almost 20,000 supporters.

Svetlana posing naked on the beach in Bali, Indonesia

‘Nature moves me to present stripped,’ she says. I’d prefer to uncover the excellence of solidarity with nature to the world and how wonderful it tends to be.

‘I cautiously select pictures so they look masterful yet not profane. ‘Voyaging turned into my fixation in 2010 when I had my first outing.

‘I attempted to go however much as could be expected scaling back different costs like film, cafés, new garments and so forth

I met my better half in 2014 and we began voyaging together, investigating the world and sharing feelings.

‘I can’t envision my existence without it now.’

Iceland - Secret Waterfall, svetlana poses naked

She cherishes presenting naked in various areas, however says that one nation has given the best bare insight: Iceland.

Svetlana stated: ‘I was exposed in unfathomable lupine fields with an amazing perspective on the mountains, at that point before the mystery cascade encompassed by mind blowing green tone. You can without much of a stretch locate an excellent concealed spot there.’

Indeed, there we go.

Different objections address different issues. Svetlana loves making a beeline for the Maldives to unwind, to Barcelona for investigating, to Peru for the food, and to Japan for its way of life.

‘My heart has a place with Tanzania and South Africa,’ says the independent IT chief. ‘I’ll never become weary of its wild magnificence. Their cordiality is the best I’ve ever observed.’

She right now lives in Greece, however says the ‘entire world’ is her home.

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