Notorious Aussie Vegan Protestor Storms Restaurant And Pours Fake Blood Everywhere

Tash Peterson has performed a bold protest in Melbourne after being booted from Western Australia.

The famous vegan campaigner strolled into a KFC wearing a white cover and poured fake blood everywhere on the floor.

Her friends helped holding up an enormous screen that portrayed young chickens and the conditions they experience in some manufacturing plant ranches.

Tash hollered at burger joints to awaken and smell the 11 spices and flavors and consider changing to a plant-based way of life.

The protestor posted a 15-minute clip to her social media accounts, where she approached individuals to end ‘this creature holocaust’.

“The world’s longest and largest holocaust in history is happening right now in the meat, dairy and egg industries,” she wrote alongside the video.

“Non human animals are enslaved in concentration prisons where they are subjected to rape, torture, abuse and mutilation before they’re sent to murder factories where they are brutally murdered as babies.

“If you’re not vegan, you’re an animal abuser. Abolish animal slavery, end the animal holocaust.”

Credit: Tash Peterson/Facebook

Individuals seemed uncomfortable as they showed up into the fast food chain to order their food and one lady even moved toward Tash to debate the morals of eating meat.

The protest lasted for around 10 minutes before the police showed up and told Tash and other protesters that they needed to leave since that they had ‘made their point’.

It seems Tash is calling Melbourne her new home after a line of disputable fights in her local Perth.

The young protester clarified last month how she had been served a notification forbidding her from each authorized premises in Western Australia.

That implied she could be accused of trespass and fined AUD$10,000 (£5,400/US$7,500) in the event that she entered any spot that sells liquor.

Peterson disclosed to her followers on Instagram: “The police came to my house this morning to serve a Barring Notice (Liquor licenced premises ban) upon me for a sea life Seaspiracy protest that I did last month highlighting the sea life holocaust caused by the fishing industry.

“This is a clear example of how so called freedom of speech is not actually freedom of speech at all.”

That protest, which occurred on May 2, included Peterson and different activists strolling into a seafood eatery in Fremantle and hollering at coffee shops.

During her rant, Peterson guaranteed the fishing business kills billions of creatures consistently, marking it the ‘biggest Holocaust ever’.

Subsequent to leaving the restaurant , Peterson kept on yelling at coffee shops and called them ‘animal abuser. She and her group could then be heard reciting: “Fish want to live, fish feel pain, just like us!”

The activists conveyed bulletins encouraging to watch Netflix’s fishing industry narrative Seaspiracy.

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