Mystery Of Two Girls Who Travelled To ‘Haunted Hotel’ And Went Missing For 25 Years

Two school children who vanished after saying they were set to visit a deserted and ‘haunted’ hotel in Japan made a 25-year secret that brought about the revelation of their bodies in a vehicle under the ocean.

Still, after more than 2 decades has passed, questions stay about the two young ladies’ vanishing, just as some internet conspiracy theories.

The story starts back in 1996 when Megumi Yashiki and Narumi Takumi – who were both 19 at that point – vanished off on earth.

They told their families that they were set out toward Uozu City in Yashiki’s vehicle, to visit an onsen underground hot springs hotel that was abandoned and – as local people marketed – a ‘haunted spot’.

Megumi Yashiki and Narumi Takumi. Credit: Twitter

The hotel had closed down during the 1980s because of financial issues, yet immediately turned into a hideout for some not exactly good people.

The last contact anybody had with the pair was when Takumi sent a pager message that read basically: “We are in Uozu.

They were reported missing after two days, and gone forever until their remains were pulled from Fushiki Port – about 13 kilometers from their home in Himi City – after 25 years.

Hotel Tsubono. Credit: Wikipedia

For quite a long time, the police had no clue about what had occurred, yet then, at that point three witnesses approached in late 2014, and one said: “A car with two women dropped from a parking lot into the sea near Kaiomaru Park at midnight of a major holiday [Golden Week] in 1996.

One of the witnesses said that they’d moved toward the vehicle, yet ‘out of nowhere began moving in reverse and fell [into the water]’.

Inquired as to why it had taken them such a long time to approach, they said they were ‘frightened’.

While the web has thrown a wide range of bits of gossip, including association from bosozuku – youth motorcycle gangs – involvement, and kidnapping by North Korean agents, the genuine and tragic truth is that the police neglected to act rapidly on the declaration of the witnesses, holding up six years before the bodies were found.

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